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Latest Articles

Greensteam Proof of Concept Video

Global Green Solutions (GGRN – $0.17) uploaded an informative video to its corporate website (video) which shows the entire process of the Greensteam demonstration unit at Aera Energy’s oilfield in Bakersfield, California. The video was shot during the proof of concept tests in December 2010. Earlier this week I spoke with Craig Harting, Global Green’s COO, who said that the […]

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Flexible Solutions Retires 5.7% of Outstanding Shares

Flexible Solutions (FSI – $1.50) repurchased almost 800,000 shares of its common stock, at attractive terms, from its largest institutional investor Pictet Asset Management. Apparently, Pictet’s Water Fund changed its mandate so that it can only invest in companies that derive at least 80% of their revenues from water related business. And because no more than 10% of Flexible Solutions’ […]

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Camillus Re-launches Infamous Yello-Jaket Knife at Shot Show

January is especially exciting for Acme United (ACU – 10.23) because that’s when the Shot Show is being held, the Company’s most important sales event of the year. Each year the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Tradeshow attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. Also attending, was Rick Constantine, the Vice President of Marketing for Acme United’s Camillus and […]

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Why Global Green’s Stock Price Doubled in Just 1 Month

Since late 2010 Global Green Solutions’ (GGRN) stock price has doubled to $0.20. The reason for this is that part of the uncertainty has been taken away after the Company announced that its Greensteam demonstration unit achieved full steam generation capacity operating on residual woody agricultural biomass fuel. Many potential investors already had their eye on Global Green but resisted […]

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EPA’s Loss Helps TurboSonic

A federal District Court judge in Washington D.C. ordered the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to publish Boiler MACT regulations by February 21, 2011. This is really good news for TurboSonic Technologies (TSTA – $0.36) that designs and markets air pollution control technologies to help companies meet emissions regulations. EPA and Boiler MACT The EPA was initially required to issue […]

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