What Is Smallcaps Investment Research And What Do We Stand For?

Smallcaps Investment Research (SIR) was launched in 2003 and is based in Brussels, Belgium. Our goal is to provide you with accurate and indepth information on the best small cap stocks listed on the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Our mission: Delivering high returns to both investors and small cap companies through passion, precision, and perseverance!

We are proud that SIR is recognized as one of the most trusted online sources on U.S. and Canadian small cap stocks. We’ve earned that trust because we only highlight solid and honest companies to our visitors and newsletter subscribers. We focus on fundamentally undervalued companies with a market cap below $100 million, and we have a special interest in stocks with a high potential, innovative product or service.

Why Do We Recommend Small Caps Investments?

Investing in well-researched small cap stocks yields the highest return!

After taking our initial steps in the investment world a couple of decades ago, we quickly learned that an individual investor achieves the highest returns by investing in small cap stocks. However, we also learned that small caps are belittled by many in the investment community. The financial press doesn’t let any opportunity slip by to emphasize how treacherous this category of public companies can be.

We agree that a small company that’s working on a revolutionary product or service has a higher chance of going out of business than a mature, money making organization. However, when that small company’s product or service hits the market and becomes successful, its stock price usually doubles, triples or more. A performance rarely seen amongst those mature companies.

Tired of the media bashing small cap stocks, we made it our quest to set the record straight. We launched (SIR) and have meanwhile proven that investing in well-researched small cap stocks yields the highest return. Our Track Record, which lists all our recommendations, and their performance, since launching SIR in 2003, is a true testament of this feat.

Our Track Record

We’re also extremely pleased that a few years after launching our website, we could turn our hobby into an actual business. Now an Investor Communications company, we use SIR as a distribution channel to publish quarterly research reports, audio interviews, and informative updates on up-and-coming companies.

We aim to generate long-term results for US and Canadian publicly traded companies with accurate, complete and consistent communications. Our multi-faceted approach can significantly improve a company’s corporate visibility both in North American and Europe, leading to greater liquidity and higher stock values.

How Do We Select Small Caps Companies?

We look at a company’s principle business – does it have growing sales and earnings? We verify its book value, current ratio, long term debt, number of shares outstanding and the stock’s 52-week range.

If we still like what we see, we contact the company’s management. This is vital because they hold the key to success and can steer the company in the right direction. The accessibility of the management team, by the way, is another reason why we like small caps. If we’re not able to speak with a key executive, or if we don’t like what we hear, we switch focus to other companies.

If all our research and dialogue lines up, we introduce the company on SIR. We typically do this with an audio interview, which gives an overview of the company’s pros and cons and immediately makes investors familiar with the voice of a member of management. From there, we continue to cover the company with quarterly research reports and by discussing the company’s News Releases.

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