Acme United Acquires Elite First Aid Inc. – Strategic Expansion in Safety and First Aid Solutions

In a strategic move to further strengthen its position in the safety and first aid market, Acme United Corporation (US: ACU – $35.49) acquired Elite First Aid Inc. The North Carolina-based company is a provider of tactical, trauma, and emergency response products. With revenues of approximately $4.2 million in 2023, Elite First Aid has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

This acquisition is part of Acme United’s ongoing effort to expand its product offerings and enhance its market reach in the first aid and emergency preparedness sectors.

Walter C. Johnsen, Chairman and CEO, commented on the transaction saying, “We believe the acquisition of Elite First Aid provides a platform to expand sales of emergency response products to many of Acme United’s domestic and global customers and to open new markets to us.”

Elite First Aid’s Tactical Trauma Kit #3 is currently it’s best selling product

About Elite First Aid Inc.

Elite First Aid Inc. is a prominent supplier of first aid and tactical medical kits for a variety of markets, including military, law enforcement, and emergency services.

It all started back in 1992 when Pete Sweere, who had served in the U.S. Army for 9 years, began selling military surplus products. Initially, selling them at local trade shows to retail customers, but soon buying larger quantities and marketing them to wholesalers. The company continued to grow and employed seven people by 1996. By then, it had started to focus almost entirely on first aid kits. In later years, Elite First Aid also sold internationally, to law enforcement and military departments of countries such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Peru and Ukraine.

The General Purpose First Aid Kit FA101 was one of the first products sold by Elite First Aid.

Known for its comprehensive range of high-quality first aid products, Elite First Aid established itself as a reliable provider of critical medical supplies designed to meet the rigorous demands of its clientele.

Strategic Benefits

Enhanced Product Portfolio: The acquisition again expands Acme United’s range of first aid products, incorporating Elite First Aid’s tactical and military-grade medical kits. This broader product offering will enable Acme United to better serve its existing customers. Undoubtedly, Acme will introduce the new products at chains such as Walmart, Grainger, Home Depot and Dick Sporting Goods, where the Company already has a strong foothold.

Market Expansion: Elite First Aid’s strong presence in the military and tactical markets provides Acme United with a new avenue for growth. Leveraging these relationships will help Acme United penetrate markets where it previously had limited presence.

Operational Synergies: Combining the operational strengths of both companies is expected to yield significant cost reductions. Before the acquisition, Elite First Aid sourced all of its products from third party intermediaries. Thanks to Acme United’s global sourcing network however, it will be able to source products directly from factories. Or, in the best case scenario, produce the items itself, such as alcohol pads that are manufactured at Med-Nap.

Innovation and Development: The integration of Elite First Aid’s specialized knowledge in tactical first aid with Acme United’s research and development expertise is likely to spur innovation. This collaboration will help in developing new and improved first aid solutions tailored to a wider array of applications and industries.


Acme United’s acquisition of Elite First Aid Inc. is poised to create synergies that will benefit both companies. While the financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, the strategic rationale is clear: combining Acme United’s extensive distribution network and product development expertise with Elite First Aid’s specialized product line and industry relationships.

Looking ahead, Acme United is well-positioned to capitalize on the strengths of Elite First Aid. The Company is expected to integrate Elite First Aid’s offerings into its existing product lines while maintaining the high standards and reliability that both companies are known for. This acquisition underscores Acme United’s commitment to grow through strategic investments and its dedication to providing top-tier safety and first aid solutions. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $59.86Latest Company Report (pdf)
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