Innovative Food Stock Price Up 16 Percent After Recommendation

Innovative Food Holdings’ (IVFH – $1.57) stock price was on a roll the past week. After recommended the stock last week at $1.35, it closed at $1.57 yesterday, up 16 percent and it had even been as high as $1.75, or up 30 percent, during the week.

In itself this is a nice achievement, but it makes it even more remarkable knowing through how much turmoil the markets went the past five trading days.

The Company didn’t issue any news and volumes weren’t extremely high, so these were all savvy small cap investors picking up cheap Innovative Food shares. This truly demonstrates the power of investing in small cap stocks. These little ones don’t follow the whims of major Wall Street indexes, they’re in a category of their own.

It’s just a matter of doing your homework and buying undervalued companies that already have a solid business, like Acme United or Innovative Food, or companies that are on the brink of a breakthrough with an extraordinary service or technology.

This is how we, as small cap investors, can easily outperform any Wall Street fund manager.

And if you’re wondering if Innovative Food is still attractive at these levels, you bet it is!

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