Performance Improvements and Long Term Reliability Build Even Greater Appeal for Tecogen Cogeneration Power Units

While the motivation to reduce pollution and establish cleaner sources for power generation has gained prominence in recent years, the established companies now serving this sector were once part of a niche market that was relatively unknown. As technology has improved, the product lines evolved to become more efficient and deliver lower operating costs. The leading companies in this sector are now getting the attention they deserve as innovative providers for clean energy solutions.

For Tecogen Inc. (NASDAQ: TGEN – $3.68 & Fra: 2T1 – €2.87) the priority to develop cogeneration units that compete with conventional power options began long before the current market obsession to become more ‘green’. In business for over 35 years, the Company has established a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of reliable equipment. Tecogen was a pioneer to develop modular power plants running off clean natural gas, and there are now more than 3,000 of its units operating in the United States, with millions of hours in combined operations.

With full spectrum capability, ranging from the design and development of advanced systems, to sales, installation and service, Tecogen has invested the time and effort to manufacture high quality, reliable units that are the standard in the industry.

Roll Out of the Most Advanced Line of Cogeneration Units

This month Tecogen issued two updates that highlight the durability and efficiency of its products. The most recent one came with the launch of its updated Tecopower line cogeneration units. The new Tecopower series delivers material upgrades in performance to increase output and lower operating costs for end users.

Available in 60 kW and 75 kW sizes, the units have improved electrical efficiency by 5% while also providing the advantage of virtually eliminating the need to boost gas pressure, as has been required in the past. The result is a unit that is quieter, able to run more efficiently and with easier installation.

Incorporating the advanced and patented Ultera emission system developed by the Company, the new Tecopower line is able to achieve clean operating performance on par with fuel cell technology, but at a fraction of the cost. Some of the upgrades available in this new line have been shipped in transition models delivered earlier this year and were met with enthusiasm in the market place. The Tecopower units will be available for shipment by the end of this quarter.

Operating Milestone Achieved for InVerde CHP Platform

Tecogen has been providing its InVerde line of cogeneration products since 2008 as an ultra-clean natural gas powered on-site energy solution that also operates even when the electrical grid is offline. This month the Company reported that its combined fleet of InVerde units has now surpassed 3.5 million hours of operations. A significant milestone, the performance record is unmatched by any other company in terms of the durability of this system.

The inclusion of a built-in inverter on the InVerde system ensures that end users may convert DC electrical power to AC power that is compatible with typical electrical equipment demand. The generator is able to run at varying speeds in order to maximize its operating efficiency and the inverter ensures that the electrical power will be available at constant frequency required by customers. The InVerde line is also the only suite of cogeneration power units that is capable of operating when the grid is down, and therefore the units are ideal for back-up power systems to serve critical electrical loads such as elevators, pumps and lighting, until grid power is restored.

This track record of advanced performance and reliability for the InVerde platform, along with the unique features and patented technology that make the system ideal for sustained operation even in the event of unplanned shutdowns of the electrical grid, have established the cogeneration units as the standard for clean energy solutions.


The Tecogen CHP cogeneration units make sense because they are able to deliver environmental benefits and also contribute financial benefits. With a pedigree spanning more than three decades of technology development, the latest units now available elevate the efficiency standards for the sector. While the impetus to achieve ultra-low levels of emissions is laudable, effective power generation must also be delivered with competitive costs. Both the Tecogen InVerde platform and now the newer Tecopower line are able to do so.

With the addition of desirable features and proven long term reliability, Tecogen is setting the standard for cogeneration power capability. The recently reported milestone of 3.5 million hours of operation for its InVerde system is an indication of industry acceptance and the appeal of the many features available in these units that no other competitor is able to provide.

Meanwhile, the improved operating performance that is now harnessed with the latest technological upgrades means the systems are cheaper to run. This will make these units even more attractive and more competitive with other options. The success to build better generating units will contribute to increased sales and service contracts for the Company.

Tecogen has advanced a long way from its roots as a niche provider of alternative power generation options to where the Company is now positioned to capture a seismic shift in market demand, as the world transitions to more efficient and cleaner power solutions. Recommendation: BUY Advice: BuyPrice Target: $9.41Latest Company Report (pdf)
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