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Latest Articles

Second Partnership for EnWave Corp in Tough Japanese Market

EnWave Corp Kayema Foods

Early last year, EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.25 & US:NWVCF – $1.69 & GER:E4U – €1.53) achieved a breakthrough in Japan when the Company signed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) with Calbee Incorporated. Using a rented machine, the multinational snack foods company began testing EnWave’s REV technology for the production of various healthy snacks. That testing process […]

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Demand for Tecogen Products Grows Dramatically Across Multitude of Sectors

Tecogen Inc. (US: TGEN – $2.66 & GER: 2T1 – €2.27) designs, manufactures and sells industrial and commercial CHP (Combined Heat & Power), or cogeneration, systems that produce combinations of electricity, hot water, and air conditioning. It’s a well-established Company that has already shipped over 3,000 units, some of which have been operating for more than 35 years. The exponential […]

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How Aura Health Is Building Tremendous Value in European Cannabis Market

Aura Health (CA:BUZZ – $0.06 & US:LMLLF – $0.05) is building a leading vertically-integrated medical cannabis company with a focus on the European and Israeli markets. Reasons to own Aura Health stock: 1. A cannabis gateway to Europe: by 2028 the European medical cannabis market is estimated to be $123 billion, making it the largest cannabis market on the planet. […]

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Strong AmazeBalls Sales Prompt Ashgrove Cheese to Order Second EnWave REV Dryer

Last month EnWave Corporation (CA: ENW – $2.24 & US: NWVCF – $1.72 & GER: E4U – €1.58) reported its quarterly earnings statement. Within the commentary and guidance, the Company disclosed a backlog of REV machine orders from previous sales agreements. This represents additional sales growth carried forward to future quarters. Sales revenue from REV machines is partly realized when […]

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Major Agreement for Tecogen at New Ice Skating Complex

Tecogen Inc (US: TGEN – $2.95 & GER: 2T1 – €2.54) announced the sale of no less than five 200-ton Tecochill units to a brand new, state-of-the-art large ice skating complex in the eastern US. The Tecochill units will handle both ice making and building air conditioning, with heat utilized for dehumidification, space-heating, ice melt/resurface, and subsoil heating. The cooling […]

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1 Simple Trick to Pick a Superior Stock

Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA: CHM – $0.21 & US: CHMJF – $0.17 & GER: CM1 – €0.13) is an investment company dedicated to the U.S. and international cannabis sector, providing turnkey solutions for the regulated cannabis industry. The Company’s corporate strategy is to acquire and develop vertically integrated cannabis assets, leverage management’s decades of expertise in the cannabis industry and […]

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Europe-Focused Cannabis Player Ready for Takeoff

We’re excited about the interview that we conducted with Mr. Daniel Cohen, the Chief Executive Officer of Aura Health Inc. (CA:BUZZ – $0.07 & US:LMLLF – $0.06). The Company is focused on building an international network of vertically-integrated cannabis assets with a clear focus on Europe. Mr. Cohen first discusses Pharmadrug, a German importer and distributor of medical cannabis, of […]

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Addition of EnWave Corporation to Popular Cannabis ETF Generates Increased Liquidity Within US Markets

Innovation continues towards the development of new applications for Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology, across many different sectors. However the success for this processing breakthrough in the cannabis sector is one of the major themes supporting the explosive growth for EnWave Corporation (CA: ENW – $2.25 & US: NWVCF – $1.71 & GER: E4U – €1.55). The rapid growth story […]

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