Acme United Brand Safety Made Acquires Assets of Ready 4 Kits

Safety Made, a New Hampshire-based promotional products supplier that specializes in safety products/kits, and which was acquired by Acme United Corporation (US: ACU – $25.39) earlier this year, has now in its turn purchased the assets of Ready 4 Kits.

Founded in 1996, and also based in New Hampshire, Ready 4 Kits custom designs logoed and imprinted first aid kits for promotional use across a number of categories and themes, including automotive, golf, disaster/survival, eco-friendly, health and wellness, outdoor and trade show/travel.

With this acquisition, Ready 4 Kits will become a brand within Safety Made’s kits category. Safety Made now offers Dorcy, Life+Gear, DieHard and Ready 4 Kits products.

Financial terms of the deal were not released, but the acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive for Acme United.

Active people and adventurists love the Ready 4 Kits safety kits when they’re out and about. They include items like sunscreen, alcohol wipes, first-aid scissors, bandages, etc.

Shared History

The fact that Safety Made and Ready 4 Kits are both based in New Hampshire is not entirely coincidental, as the two companies share some history. The President of Safety Made, and industry veteran, Paul Dubois has been in the sector for 20 years and started his career at… Ready 4 Kits, joining them right out of college. Ready 4 Kits was sold in 2012 to Tender Corp. and Dubois remained at the company until 2017, at which point he left to start Safety Made.

Now, being under the wings of Acme United, Safety Made had the acquisition power to purchase Ready 4 Kits. With a deep understanding of the demands of the promotional marketplace in the safety category, the combined offering of Safety Made and Ready 4 Kits, gives promotional distributors access to top-tier items and service levels at competitive prices.

Partnering with Acme United gives Safety Made a competitive advantage in the industry, by allowing it to leverage additional buying power and gain access to the many products that Acme manufactures.

At the same time, Safety Made is able to draw on Acme’s considerable human and technological resources, which help improve its customers’ experience by streamlining and accelerating production times. Thanks to the acquisition of Ready 4 Kits, the company will be the top brand in the kits category with the widest product offering for every promotional need.


This is yet another acquisition by Acme United of a carefully selected company that is easy to integrate into the existing business. The past few years, Acme has successfully applied this strategy on several occasions, which helped grow the bottom line considerably.

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