Next Green Wave Advances as a Leading Cannabis Conglomerate in California with Another Strategic Acquisition

Next Green Wave SDC acquisition

Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. (CA: NGW – $0.64 & US: NXGWF – $0.48), has continued its aggressive move to become an innovative cannabis conglomerate in California with another acquisition. The Company purchased SD Cannabis “SDC” at a price tag of up to $27 million CAD, contingent upon SDC achieving performance milestones. SDC has eight cannabis brands with 45 CBD […]

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Next Green Wave Gets One Critical Step Closer To Developing Its Proprietary Cannabis Strains With Intrexon

Next Green Wave Facility C

Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. (CA: NGW – $0.59 & US: NXGWF – $0.45) is in the news again as the Company was granted approval for Conditional Use Permits for its Extraction and Innovation Facility (known as Site C) by the City of Coalinga, CA. These permits are critical because they enable the Company to immediately start retrofitting the existing […]

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How Next Green Wave Is Developing Into A Multinational Seed-To-Consumer Cannabis Conglomerate

Next Green Wave will soon start operations in Colombia

When you read the name Next Green Wave Holdings Inc. (CA: NGW – $0.60 & US: NXGWF – $0.46), you get a pretty good idea of what the Company is all about. It is yet another junior Canadian listing taking advantage of favorable cannabis legislation. Creating a catchy name is easy, but proving out a viable business model in a […]

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Next Green Wave Fully Prepared For Exponential Growth In California Cannabis Market

Next Green Wave Holdings (CA: NGW – $0.60 & US: NXGWF – $0.45) is a fully integrated, seed-to-consumer, cannabis company that is licensed for medical and recreational cannabis operations in Coalinga, California. The Company has acquired four medical and recreational Conditional Use Permits (CUP’s) for cultivation, nursery, volatile and non-volatile extraction and distribution. It is well positioned to capitalize on […]

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Next Green Wave Holdings CEO Leigh Hughes Unveils How the Company Wants to Become the Procter & Gamble of Cannabis In California

Next Green Wave Leigh Hughes

We’re very pleased to have Mr. Leigh Hughes, the Executive Chairman and CEO of Next Green Wave Holdings (CA: NGW – $0.49 & US: NXGWF – $0.38), with us today. The Company is a vertically integrated seed-to-consumer cannabis company operating in the State of California. And although the New Year is only a few weeks old, Next Green Wave has […]

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