Aurora Cannabis Expands Requirements for 3rd REV Machine Purchase – Adding Strong Revenue Potential for EnWave Corp

Aurora Nordic Expands Requirements for EnWave REV Machine Purchase

The milestone relationship that EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.38 & US:NWVCF – $1.83 & GER:E4U – €1.61) has established with Aurora Cannabis Inc. intensified some more the past week. EnWave reported that Aurora has expanded the scope of requirements for its potential purchase of a third 120kW Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) machine. Recall that back in April 2019, Aurora placed […]

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EnWave Stock Reaches New All-Time High. Now What?

Stock chart Enwave showing all time high

EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.60 & US:NWVCF – $1.94 & GER:E4U – €1.69) offers industrial-scale dehydration technology for commercial applications in the food, cannabis, and pharmaceutical spaces. The Company’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) platforms are becoming the new global dehydration standard, as they are faster and cheaper than freeze drying, and have better end product quality than both air drying […]

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Learn All About EnWave’s Promising Sales Breakthrough in Japan

Calbee product assortment

While much of the recent attention for EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.28 CAD & US:NWVCF – $1.70 USD & GER:E4U – €1.50) has been focused on several high-value deals in the cannabis sector, the Company has remained active working to achieve new sales leverage across numerous other sectors. This week EnWave reported another milestone in its relationship with the Japanese […]

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To The Point Interview With CEO Brent Charleton Tells Investors All They Need To Know About EnWave Corp

EnWave Brent Charleton

The interview with Mr. Brent Charleton, the President and CEO of EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.28 & US:NWVCF – $1.70 & GER:E4U – €1.50) first extensively covers the Company’s progress in the cannabis and hemp sectors. The CEO first explains the immense added value of EnWave’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology in those industries, and then provides details about the […]

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REV Dried Rations for U.S. Military Takes Another Step Forward at EnWave Corporation

U.S. soldiers in action

On the heels of EnWave Corp’s (CA:ENW – $2.39 & US:NWVCF – $1.80 & GER:E4U – €1.55) breakthrough partnership with Aurora Cannabis last week, the likelihood increases that yet another long term, high value, royalty-bearing partnership may be pending for the Company. This week, EnWave reported a second machine purchase order by the United States Army Combat Capabilities Development Command […]

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Breakthrough Partnership with Leading Innovator In Cannabis Sector Powers Future Growth for EnWave Corporation

Yet another blockbuster deal has been reported in the Cannabis sector this week for EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.12 & US:NWVCF – $1.58 & GER:E4U – €1.43) with the announcement that it has established a partnership with Aurora Cannabis. This was an important transaction for the ongoing adoption of Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology within the sector as Aurora is […]

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Preliminary Agreement with Fresh Business Consulting Advances to Structured Royalty Partnership for EnWave Corporation

Fresh Business Consulting assortment

At the midpoint of last year, a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) was signed between EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $1.90 & US:NWVCF – $1.42 & GER:E4U – €1.29) and Fresh Business Consulting S.L. (FBC), to enable the testing and development of premium food products using Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) processing technology. This deal was remarkable in that it […]

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Single Biggest Machine Purchase Order Received by EnWave Corporation

Dutch landscape

The cannabis sector is evolving into one of the fastest growth channels for new Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) machine sales. The application to use REV technology as an efficient method to dry cannabis is an important advantage ensuring rapid and uniform processing, at much lower temperatures than possible through other methods. REV processing also enables greater control over how much […]

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