EnerSpar Corp Rapidly Advances Johan Beetz Feldspar Property post image

EnerSpar Corporation (TSXV: ENER – $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) is an exploration company focused on industrial minerals oriented to today’s and future energy requirements. The Company recently acquired the Johan Beetz property, which is a former producer of potassic and sodic feldspar with considerable geological inventory of these feldspar minerals. Potassic feldspars are especially significant as a hardening agent in the booming solar panels and solar shingles markets.

Although feldspars are the most abundant materials on the surface of the earth, the two types of feldspar found on the Johan Beetz property (Na-spar and K-spar) are the rarest and also the most expensive ones. In fact, there are NO operating feldspar mines throughout North America that produce the high quality material found at Johan Beetz.

K-spar and Na-spar are used in ceramics, glass, tempered glass, but most importantly also in PV glass and solar tiles. Tesla’s SolarCity is manufacturing its solar tiles in Buffalo, New York, which is just a short sail from EnerSpar’s Johan Beetz project. [click to continue…]

Trenching Results Again Expand Globex’ Francoeur/Arntfield Gold Property Potential post image

Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (TSX:GMX – $0.52 & OTCQX:GLBXF – $0.44 & Fra:G1MN – €0.36), a well-diversified generator of successful junior mining projects, published promising assay results of channel sampling from the most eastern trench excavated on its Francoeur/Arntfield gold property.

Remember that a few weeks ago, Globex commenced excavating three 100 metre long trenches in an area where no prior sampling or exploration was conducted. In addition Globex undertook six other trenches. Five along where the Francoeur-Wasa gold localizing fault is expected to be and one south of the main Francoeur-Wasa fault. Assay results from the first trench located immediately south of the main Francoeur-Wasa Fault which is the localizing structure for the Francoeur and Arntfield gold deposits have been received.

Sixteen channel samples of approximately 1 metre each were cut and analyzed for gold. While the north end of the trench returned low grades between [click to continue…]

EnerSpar Corp CEO Jay Richardson Explains Merits of Unique Feldspar Opportunity post image

EnerSpar Corp. (TSXV: ENER – $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) is a mining Company that is developing an extraordinary feldspar property in Quebec, Canada. As EnerSpar only became listed a few months ago, it hasn’t been discovered by many investors yet. Hence, we’re very pleased to sit down with Mr. Jay Richardson, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnerSpar to find out all about this unique opportunity in North America.

Mr. Richardson delivers plenty of valuable information about what exactly feldspars are and the different types that exist. He explains that feldspars are one of the most abundant materials on the surface of the earth, yet the types found on EnerSpar’s Johan Beetz property are quite rare. In fact, he says, there are NO operating feldspar mines that produce the high quality material found at Johan Beetz throughout North America.

The CEO furthermore describes in which industries feldspars are used, and why Tesla’s SolarCity may be very interested in Johan Beetz’ future output. He also touches upon [click to continue…]

Reliability and Cost Savings Drivers for Ever More Tecogen Sales post image

Hardly a week goes by without Tecogen (TGEN – $3.29) announcing a new sales agreement. The past week was no different. The Company first sold two InVerde e+ CHP units to power a luxury condominium building in Manhattan, New York. Then it announced the sale of two 200-ton Tecochill STx Series chillers to an indoor cannabis growing facility located near Boston, MA.

The apartment block on Manhattan’s west side was built in 2006. However, it was severely damaged by flood waters when hurricane Sandy struck with an unforeseen vengeance in October 2012, leaving more than 8 million people without power.

As part of extensive repair work due to the flooding, the building operators have opted to install two 100kW InVerde e+ Combined Heat & Power systems. These have the ability to run independently of the grid in “Island Mode”, providing power for the building even when there is a blackout. Moreover, thanks to their efficiency, the CHP units will enable the building and its residents to enjoy significant savings on their monthly energy bills. [click to continue…]

EnWave Signs TELOA With Another Reputable Food & Beverage Producer post image

EnWave Corp (TSXV:ENW – $1.19 CAD & OTC:NWVCF – $0.96 USD & Frankfurt:E4U – €0.80), which offers industrial-scale dehydration technology for commercial applications in the food and pharmaceutical spaces, signed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) with Sun-Rype Products Ltd, a leading Canadian fruit-based food and beverage manufacturer.

During twelve months Sun-Rype and EnWave will collaborate to develop unique and innovative fruit-based snacks using the Company’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) dehydration technology. Initially, Sun-Rype will make use of EnWave’s test facility in Vancouver, BC to develop products. In a later stage, the food and beverage producer could rent a small scale REV machine to complete its due diligence on the technology and market opportunity for its new products.

Sun-Rype is a Canadian beverage and snack company based in Kelowna, BC. The company grew out of the fresh fruit business in the Okanagan Valley. In 1946, British Columbia fruit growers created BC Fruit Processing Ltd. to produce a 100% pure apple juice, made with apples straight from the orchard. The new juice was named “SunRype” and so it all began. [click to continue…]

Globex Acquires Major Historic Silver Mining District In Germany post image

When investors think about mining in Europe, they will most likely end up with an image of gold or silver mines in the Middle Ages when those particular commodities were used as currency. Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. (TSX:GMX – $0.52 & OTCQX:GLBXF – $0.44 & Fra:G1MN – €0.36) on other hand sees a 21st century investment opportunity.

Just this week, this predominantly North America focused exploration and development project generator announced that it acquired a 5-year exploratory license for a major silver mining district in the state of Saxony in Germany (see location map at bottom).

The area, connected to the well-known Freiberg Mining Field, is roughly 164 square kilometers large and consists of numerous previously active mining projects, with some dating back to the 12th century. Throughout its history, one particular area called Bräunsdorf (see image below), has yielded at least 882 tonnes of silver (worth more than US $500 million at current prices) at high-grades and relatively shallow levels. [click to continue…]

Crowdfunding Helps Raise Funds for REV Machine Purchase post image

One of our alert readers informed us about a very interesting crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A young man named Denis Mikhailov, raised close to $20,000 in a little over month to help him expand his line of nutritious dried meals produced with… EnWave Corp’s (TSXV:ENW – $1.19 CAD & OTC:NWVCF – $0.98 USD & Frankfurt:E4U – €0.79) REV technology.

“Born in the mountain ranges of British Columbia, Canada, Nomad Nutrition is the culmination of a lifelong pursuit of wild places and good food” says Nomad Nutrition founder Denis Mikhailov. Mikhailov, an avid hiker and mountaineer, spent years looking for the best food to fuel his body and his adventures.

On trips, with little time to prepare, he often ended up eating uninspiring pre-packaged camp meals that didn’t do much for his energy levels or his digestive system. Then one day deep in the Bugaboos, BC, Mikhailov met [click to continue…]