Second Order Win for TTcogen post image

TTcogen, which is 50% owned by Tecogen (TGEN – $5.00), sold a 55kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to an elementary school in New Jersey. This is the second order for TTcogen, only a couple of weeks after the first win. A full service contract was also included in the deal.

The TEDOM Micro T55 natural gas powered CHP unit will serve all of the school’s electrical and heating demand. This type of machine is particularly well suited for educational facilities with smaller energy requirements, as it has a compact equipment footprint, a long service life, and operates very quietly.

Noteworthy is that this order was won through a competitive process. What tipped the scale in favor of TTcogen was that the engineering expertise and strong collaborative relationship with the installation contractor allowed the school to save [click to continue…]

Acme United Price Target Raised Thanks to Outstanding Outlook post image

After already having achieved an outstanding first quarter, Acme United (ACU – $20.98) set a new all-time sales and earnings record in its second quarter, ended June 30, 2016. During that three months period, the Company posted a 21% increase in both sales and earnings compared with the second quarter of 2015.

Record back-to-school sales, led by Westcott kid scissors and iPoint pencil sharpeners, were strong contributors to this achievement. Also, Westcott shears gained market share in the office channel and their distribution was broadened in the crafts market.

Next to school and office products, first aid is a second major growth driver for Acme. Production capacity was recently added, and may have to be expanded even further. SmartCompliance kits and their refills have [click to continue…]

EnWave Again Expands Presence in Europe post image

EnWave Corporation (TSXV:ENW – $1.27 CAD & OTC:NWVCF – $1.02 USD), which offers industrial-scale dehydration technology for applications in the food and pharmaceutical spaces, has signed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) with a major European food processor.

The latter will develop a number of dried meat and dairy snack products using EnWave’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) dehydration technology. The food processor has the exclusive option to license the use of REV technology for the production of these snacks within a defined European territory.

No more information about the European company was disclosed. Because not even the countries for which it can get an exclusive license were revealed, we presume that we’re dealing with one of the very big food processors in Europe. The disclosure of the countries would [click to continue…]

EuroSite Power Continues Strong Growth in Second Quarter post image

EuroSite Power (EUSP – $0.80), which owns and operates On-Site cogeneration systems in the United Kingdom, reached revenues of $640,437 in the second quarter of 2016, an increase of 18%, compared to $542,973 for the same period in 2015.

Although that’s an impressive growth rate, in local currency the Company performed even better with revenues of £446,718 for the second quarter of 2016, versus revenues of £354,514 in the comparable quarter last year, an increase of 26%. The difference is due to the recent decline of the British pound versus the US dollar as a result of the so-called Brexit. So although the Company reports in US dollars, it’s important to look at the results in British pounds as well to get an exact picture of its performance.

The strong revenue improvement was driven by the higher number of operational systems at quarter end of 31, compared to just 27 operational systems on June 30, 2015. This was also reflected in a [click to continue…]

Tecogen Advancing on Many Fronts post image

Tecogen (TGEN – $5.05) experienced a decline in its second quarter revenues, ended June 30, 2016, due to temporary issues. Compared with the first quarter of 2016, revenues did rise 12%, driven by both product and service revenue growth of 6.3% and 16.6% respectively. Moreover, the Company made considerable progress on many other fronts.

Gross margin in the second quarter 2016 increased to 37.0% compared to 33.5% in 2015. Margins benefited from a revenue mix shift and strong improvement in services gross margin, partially offset by a decline in product gross margin.

Also, the Company had a steady flow of new orders coming in, partially thanks to strong relationships that it built with repeat customers, such as National Mechanical, a New Jersey property developer, and a multinational energy service company (ESCO). As a result, the Company’s sales backlog of equipment and installations as of August 5, 2016 was $15.9 million. Well above the [click to continue…]

Acme United’s Cuda Brand Makes Heads Turn at ICAST Show post image

Cuda, the fishing tools brand of Acme United (ACU – $21.28), again made heads turn at the annual ICAST show in Orlando, Florida. The event was a phenomenal success. Thanks to the introduction of more than 30 new tools, plenty of existing and potential customers stopped by at the Cuda booth.

In addition, the brand attracted the attention of the media, as it had around 20 appointments with magazines and trade journals. Consequently, some good editorial coverage is expected in the next few weeks.

The Cuda Pro staff was also well represented at the show. Having such celebrated and respected fishermen at the booth is priceless, as they engage with customers to discuss the product line and they attract lots of curious anglers. The Cuda representatives even [click to continue…]

EnWave Builds Further Momentum in the Dairy Snack Space post image

While EnWave’s (TSXV:ENW – $1.16 CAD & OTC:NWVCF – $0.91 USD) dehydration technology has proven to be very successful in a number of sectors such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and especially the dairy market, which is outpacing all others.

The success of Moon Cheese, which is being produced by EnWave’s 51% owned subsidiary NutraDried LLC and distributed in over 20,000 retail stores across North America, has attracted many food processing companies to try to replicate that feat in other parts of the world.

To date, EnWave has signed eight commercial licenses for the production of cheese snack products using its Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) technology in countries that include the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Portugal, Spain and Turkey. In addition, it has closed a Technology Evaluation and License Option Agreement (TELOA) with [click to continue…]