How Chemistree Technology Established Beachhead On U.S. East Coast

Chemistree Technology New Jersey cannabis market

Started with the vision to create a broad-based company with full spectrum participation in the cannabis sector, Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA: CHM – $0.40 & US: CHMJF – $0.27 & GER: CM1 – €0.26) has rapidly advanced through its early growth phase with an ambitious investment plan. Although the Company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the appeal of the much […]

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Initial Research Report Shows Significant Upside Potential for Chemistree Technology in Cannabis Sector

Chemistree The Physicians Choice CBD

Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA:CHM – $0.65 & US:CHMJF – $0.48 & GER:CM1 – €0.44) is an investment company dedicated to the U.S. cannabis sector, endeavoring to provide turn-key solutions for the regulated cannabis industry. The Company believes the cannabis industry offers a tremendous opportunity for growth. The reason for this is simply that marketing of cannabis companies, their products as […]

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CCO Sheldon Aberman Reveals What Makes Chemistree Technology A Foremost Player In The Blossoming U.S. Cannabis Industry

We’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Sheldon Aberman, the Chief Cannabis Officer of Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA:CHM – $0.67 & US:CHMJF – $0.50 & GER:CM1 – €0.44), a U.S. focused cannabis investment company. Mr. Aberman first introduces Chemistree’s management team. He describes the backgrounds of some of the Company’s key players, such as Nico […]

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