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Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA: CHM – $0.21 & US: CHMJF – $0.17 & GER: CM1 – €0.13) is an investment company dedicated to the U.S. and international cannabis sector, providing turnkey solutions for the regulated cannabis industry.

The Company’s corporate strategy is to acquire and develop vertically integrated cannabis assets, leverage management’s decades of expertise in the cannabis industry and corporate finance, and to own and operate licensed cultivation, processing, distribution and retail facilities.

Diversified Portfolio of Investments

Chemistree is well on its way to create a diversified portfolio of investments. In 2018, the Company completed the acquisition of Washington State-based equipment assets used in cannabis cultivation, production and distribution. Following the completion of this deal, Chemistree entered into an agreement with a strategic partner, whereby the partner subleases and licenses the Washington assets from Chemistree. This partner has since launched several products under the well-known Sugarleaf brand, which are available in 125 retail locations. These products are now generating revenue for Chemistree.

Chemistree is also actively advancing its 9.55 acre Desert Hot Springs land package in the State of California. The Company’s design team is currently in the process of finalizing plans for two 64,000 square foot greenhouses and a 40,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility for submission to the city of Desert Hot Springs. The Company expects city review to be completed by the third quarter of this year. The project continues to track on schedule with completion targeted for the first quarter of 2020.

Also in California, Chemistree has entered into a strategic collaboration with a Humboldt County-based cannabis processing company located in Arcata, California. Chemistree has loaned the highly regarded processor US$450,000 to expand its business in California and abroad.

In addition, the Company announced a strategic investment in Pasha Brands Ltd. Pasha is a vertically integrated British Columbian craft cannabis brand company with several internationally recognized brands and a proven history in cannabis retailing. Pasha is also a late stage applicant to become a Licensed Producer (“LP”) and expects to own and operate a Health Canada approved licensed processing facility on Vancouver Island.

Moreover, Chemistree has recently expanded its reach to the east coast of the United States as it completed the acquisition of New Jersey-based medical vertically integrated cannabis applicant Applied Cannabis Sciences (ACS). ACS is an applicant for a medical marijuana license in New Jersey.

New Jersey is a great place to look for growth in the medical marijuana market as the state plans to increase the number of patients enrolled in its program from 49,000 to 200,000. Right now there are only 12 facilities to serve those 49,000 people of which 6 are currently up and operational. The number of licenses issued will triple but the customer base served will increase by more than four times, making the opportunity even more lucrative for early licensed entrants.

1 Simple Trick

Although all those achievements are obviously marvelous, there’s one vitally important aspect that can’t be overlooked: the team. As an investor, always check the people who are running the company. Check their reputation and previous achievements. They have to be top notch!

Chemistree this week released an investor video in which it explains the business and especially highlights the members of its team that move the Company forward.

Chemistree’s management team is second to none. The Company has been able to bring together a well-known team with decades of expertise in the U.S. cannabis industry and corporate finance. These people truly have the experience and knowledge to find attractive deals, acquire them, and move them forward.

Each member of Chemistree’s management team has a broad range of business experience and their own networks of business partners, financiers, and venture capitalists through whom potential investments may be identified. In addition, Chemistree may identify potential investments through contacts and customers of its social media business.


Chemistree is already generating revenues through its Washington investment. However, sales are bound to increase dramatically over the following quarters. Moreover, as of 2020 the Company will have its own state of the art growing facility in California.

Many more acquisitions are in the pipeline, which will further increase Chemistree’s network, brand portfolio, and sales channels.

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  • good day , I think the point is well taken that management is key in any sector and execution is everything. The current wait in this industry in not edibles in Canada but opening the gates of the USA.

    Everyone of course knows this. My hope and I have been involved with great management teams in PM and biotech is that money is not squandered and the vision in narrow enough for success and also just wide enough to see the periphery.

    In other words, focus on one thing at a time, do not have too many projects on the go with the risk of completing none of them. Been there done that.


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