What Makes Chemistree Technology One of The Most Attractive Plays in the U.S. Cannabis Space?

Chemistree Technology Inc. (CA:CHM – $0.17 & US:CHMJF – $0.13 & GER:CM1 – €0.12) is an investment company dedicated to the U.S. cannabis sector, endeavoring to provide turn-key solutions for the regulated cannabis industry.

Through its expanding portfolio of brands and hard assets, Chemistree provides a public vehicle to investors who are looking to invest in a company that is vertically integrated and approaches the cannabis and CBD industry from a United States market perspective. More acquisitions are in the pipeline, which will further increase Chemistree’s network, brand portfolio, and sales channels.

Chemistree is already generating revenues through its Washington investment. However, sales are bound to increase dramatically over the following quarters. Moreover, as of 2020 the Company will have its own state of the art growing facility in California.

Although many investors are closely monitoring the Canadian cannabis industry, we believe that the United States market is flying under the radar. Therefore, companies that focus on the U.S. cannabis market are undervalued compared with their Canadian peers. This creates a great opportunity for investors as the United States cannabis industry is in the early innings of a major growth cycle.

Chemistree’s management team is second to none. The Company has been able to bring together a well-known team with decades of expertise in the U.S. cannabis industry and corporate finance. These people truly have the experience and knowledge to find attractive deals, acquire them, and move them forward.

Many of the established companies in the cannabis sector have risen to premium market caps. As a relatively new story in this sector, Chemistree currently trades at an extremely low share price. With a market cap of CAD $5.8 million, Chemistree trades at less than its cash in the bank. As such, it is among the most attractive small cap stocks in the cannabis sector.

Download the third quarter 2019 Chemistree Technology Company Report.

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