ZoomAway Travel Enters Gaming Industry

Forget slot machines. Casinos may soon look like video game arcades. That’s the idea of Zero8 Studios, a Reno, Nevada, based firm that specializes in new and innovative game development and digital media solutions.

They believe that different types of skill-based games will start to appear on casino floors. This could be games where single players go against the house, cooperative games like blackjack, or player versus player games like poker.

ZoomAway Travel Inc. (TSXV:ZMA – $0.12 CAD & OTC: ZMWYF – $0.12 USD & Frankfurt:4ZO – €0.08), which is in constant contact with resorts and casinos, is sensing this trend as its customers are asking for products that will attract, engage and retain the younger market segment.

For this exact reason ZoomAway has entered into a letter of Intent with Zero8 that will grant the Company the exclusive, worldwide rights to the sales and marketing of the Zero8 Free-to-Play Mobile Game platform and the Zero8 Kiosk platform. The two companies expect to complete a Definitive Agreement within 30 days. No financial details were provided.

“The Zero8 Studios “White Label” Free-to-Play Mobile Games platform, and it’s on property kiosk program is a great fit with ZoomAway’s focus on software products that can touch all corners of the hospitality industry. We believe that these types of products will bring us new and exciting technology opportunities to the current stale hospitality industry, stated Sean Schaeffer, Zoomaway Travel Inc. CEO.

This makes perfect sense. Here’s the problem for casinos. In 2014, gambling accounted for 37 percent of total revenue of Las Vegas casino resorts, down from 58 percent in 1990. Although millennials – those born in the last two decades of the 20th century – are still attracted to Las Vegas, they don’t spend as much time on the casino floor anymore.

Young people are turned off by traditional slot machines because the outcome depends entirely on luck. They prefer games more like the kind they are already playing online and on their smartphones and tablet, where there is some skill involved, especially if they can use those skills to compete against other players.

Millennials also prefer being in a social setting where, instead of sitting alone at a machine, they can interact and socialize with other players or, at the very least, have the games be more interactive.

Zero8 Studios

Zero8 Studios specializes in new and innovative gamification technologies. With a focus on interactive gamified marketing solutions for use in resorts and casinos around the world.

Zero8 offers two unique products that strategically fit outside of the regulated gaming space. The white labeled mobile solution offers players hours of entertainment through virtual currency from anywhere in the world. The other is an “on property” kiosk gamification solution, which is designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing player reward system.

Each property product is entirely white labeled, and will provide access to instant revenue and free updates, as well as numerous ways to advertise and promote various parts of the casino’s establishment to keep players playing even when they’re not on the property.

The “Worlds of Eldorado” game, for example, installed at the Eldorado Resort and Casino in Reno, features Zero8’s latest cutting edge technology.

The game allows club members to earn rewards in a new and exciting way, which appeals to current and millennial players alike. Players are greeted with their own personal dragon, who guides them throughout their adventure above the clouds. As they grow through ‘experience’ by collecting gems, players are rewarded with Free-Play and drawing tickets, which feature tournaments and other extravagant giveaways.


While almost everything else in Las Vegas has had a face-lift, slot machines have remained largely untouched since the 1970s. Millennials however grew up in an era of digital media and games. The passive experience of a slot machine does not resonate with them.

Consequently, the average slot player is over age 50, having grown up before the age of the Internet and mobile devices and Play Station and Xbox games. Casinos are clearly noticing this trend and need to bring more young people to their floors. There is no doubt that casinos will look quite different than the casinos of today.

The potential cooperation with Zero8 is clearly a new and exciting endeavor for ZoomAway with lots of potential. With its vast connections in the casino area, we’re positive that the Company will be able to introduce the popular gaming applications. Buy recommendation.

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