Why EnWave Is On The Verge Of Another Major Uptick

EnWave Corporation (CA:ENW – $2.06 & US:NWVCF – $1.56 & GER:E4U – €1.48) offers industrial-scale dehydration technology for commercial applications in the food, cannabis, and pharmaceutical spaces. The Company’s Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV™”) platforms are becoming the new global dehydration standard, as they are faster and cheaper than freeze drying, and have better end product quality than both air drying and spray drying.

The cannabis sector is evolving into one of the fastest growth channels for new REV machine sales. The application to use REV technology as an efficient method to dry cannabis is an important advantage ensuring rapid and uniform processing, at much lower temperatures than possible through other methods.

REV processing also enables greater control over how much moisture is removed from the plants. Ideally, about 10% moisture content is preferred for smokeable cannabis, while plants that are processed for extractions and CBD oil are dried down to 1% moisture content. This precise level of control is a material advantage inherent with the REV process that saves cannabis and hemp producers lots of time and money.

With the continued strength in revenue growth, and the highlighted accomplishments to build new partnerships and secure further royalty-bearing license agreements, EnWave is clearly making inroads to establish a long term profitable enterprise. The Company has also been able to maintain a strong balance sheet (+$21 million in cash), and achieve positive cash flow on a quarterly basis.

EnWave has continued to attract talented personnel for senior management positions. The recruitment of additional engineering staff will enable the Company to develop enhancements for REV technology and build production of REV units to match the sales growth in the future.

EnWave achieved significant targets during Q3 and remains on track for a breakthrough year. The steady rise in the value of its shares is a testament to this overall success story. EnWave remains one of the top small cap growth stories in Canada.

Download the third quarter 2019 EnWave Corp. Company Report.

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  • I was not impressed with the last quarterly results. Without mooncheese the profit on machine sales are rather poor and the royalties income is after all those years not that impressive .
    Slower growth than expected but hope this changes soon as I have a large long position

  • Wim,
    The story keeps getting better and better. No mention of the possible military contract which could add materially to the royalties in years to come. One day REV will be THE standard drying process. Keep adding on dips.

  • Wim,
    Well done. REV will be the standard drying process.

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