Verisante Technology Launches Innovative Skin Cancer Detection Device

Thomas Braun

Mr. Thomas Braun, President and CEO of Verisante Technology Inc.

Study data collected from tests on 1,000 skin lesions shows higher success rate than competitors’ devices.

We’re pleased to announce the release of another interview, this time taking a closer look at an up and coming company in the medical devices domain. Verisante Technology Inc. (VRS – $0.63) develops cancer detection devices and has been generating buzz among investors and medical professionals as it recently obtained regulatory approval in Australia, the European Union and Canada. We interviewed Mr. Thomas Braun, Verisante’s President and CEO, to discuss the company and its prospects.

In the interview, Mr. Braun chats with us about the company’s recent success in clinical trials for the Aura, a skin cancer detection tool, and also describes the approval processes in several important countries where the device is ready for distribution.

From ISO certification to the company’s plans for FDA approval, the CEO provides us with plenty of critical information on the potential and short to long term future for the Aura device.

Along with Verisante’s flagship product, Mr. Braun also describes the current development and testing of the Core, which was recently named one of the “Top 10 breakthroughs of 2011” by the Canadian Cancer Society. The device uses an endoscopic attachment to aid in the detection of lung, colon, cervical, and other cancers. The results of an initial study indicate that the Core could set a new standard for the early detection of lung cancer.

The interview digs deeper into Verisante’s plans, examining the likely ability to meet production demand, product purchase prices, potential revenue streams, and also takes a look at the Company’s most important competitor.

Whether you’re familiar with medical devices and cancer detection procedures or are entirely new to the topic, we think you’ll find Mr. Braun’s explanations easily accessible and rather telling for the future of this exciting firm.

To discover this interesting company in our interview or brush up on your knowledge of the firm, all you have to do is click play button on the media player below or download the transcript.


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  • it is simply astonishing that this stock is trading still under a $1.00 considering the approvals of the AURA, prospects of the CORE, how close we are to sales and most importantly how tightly held the stock float is – with under 55 million floating shares!

    this will be one company we will look back on in a year and wondering why we didn’t buy more shares……at least in my opinion.

    • Verisante is indeed one of those companies with great technology that serves a large market. When you look at how many people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and how many dermatologists there are, you understand the need for a better solution than the devices which are currently on the market.

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