Interviews Ironclad Performance Wear on 2010 Results and 2011 Outlook

Photo Scott Jarus

Mr. Scott Jarus, Chairman and CEO of Ironclad Performance Wear

Extending our valuable interview series, we’re pleased to announce the availability of an audio interview with the Chairman and CEO of Ironclad Performance Wear (ICPW – $0.11), Mr. Scott Jarus.

With notable enthusiasm over the 2010 fourth quarter’s result, as well as the full year 2010, Mr. Jarus gives his assessment of how and why the company is enjoying its current level of financial performance. Readers and listeners can also find out how the company plans to extend and increase its performance in the current year.

Investors are becoming increasingly familiar with the Ironclad name as it explores greater distribution and partnership opportunities. The company has made a strong impression in markets ranging from oil and gas, construction, landscaping, sports, and others.

Our interview digs into the core principles and business practices that have driven Ironclad’s success over the past year. It enables interested investors to get a feel for the company’s potential for 2011 and beyond.

We’ve previously interviewed Ironclad as part of our ongoing efforts to track the progress of promising companies. This new interview helps shed additional light on the road that Ironclad has taken up to this point –and what challenges and opportunities are ahead.

You can listen to the full interview with Mr. Scott Jarus of Ironclad Performance Wear by clicking the play button on the media player below, or alternatively access the convenient transcript.

What do you think? Is Ironclad on the right track and do you believe it will continue to successfully and profitably expand its business?

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