Interviews Flexible Solutions CEO Dan O’Brien on Outlook and Target Markets

Mr. Dan O'Brien

Mr. Dan O'Brien, President and CEO of Flexible Solutions Int'l

We’re happy to announce the publication of another insightful interview. This time with the President and CEO of Flexible Solutions Int’l (FSI – $2.86), Mr. Dan O’Brien.

This interesting Company has made some waves recently with the announcement of impressive third quarter results and with achieving successful commercial production at its first in its kind sugar to aspartic acid production facility in Alberta, Canada.

Our interview is aimed at understanding what the Company actually does, why it’s products are important in their target markets and why FSI provides a worthwhile opportunity to investors.

Mr. O’Brien delivers plenty of valuable information about the Company. He gives a summary of how Flexible Solutions was able to achieve such strong results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2011, and he discusses guidance for the fourth quarter and beyond. Mr. O’Brien also talks about how the Company’s products are making an impact on everything from agriculture to the production of environmentally-friendly detergents.

Our interview serves as a powerful starting point for any investor new to Flexible Solutions, and as a helpful update for those who are already familiar with the Company. You can listen to the interview with Mr. O’Brien by clicking the play button on the media player or you can download a convenient transcript of the interview. As always, your comments and questions are very welcome!


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