Checks Out Caldera Resources’ Horizons in New Interview

Bill Mavridis

Mr. Bill Mavridis, President and CEO of Caldera Resources

We sat down with Mr. Bill Mavridis, President and CEO of mining and exploration Company Caldera Resources Inc. (CDR – 0.10) for an information-packed interview. Our interview helps investors gain valuable insight on Caldera and its exciting project, the Marjan Gold-Silver property in the Republic of Armenia. Mr. Mavridis discusses the Company, the key members of its team, and gives an outlook for the next 12 months.

The Marjan property is described at length, as Mr. Mavridis explains the history of the Soviet era mining site. He also opens up about his expectations for its development and overall yield. With an expected resource of 1.2 million ounces of gold and 52 million ounces of silver, the project serves as the main focus of Caldera Resources’ activity. Our interview touches upon the expectations for blue sky potential as additional deposits, vein and alteration extensions are likely to increase the project’s value.

Listeners discover why Mr. Mavridis believes the Company’s dispute with its JV partner, Global Gold Corporation, will swiftly and favorably be resolved during an arbitration hearing on August 23 and 24, 2011. They also learn about Caldera’s smooth financing in the past and stable institutional shareholders.

As this Company works towards uncovering and monetizing a remarkable mining project in, what is to many, a vaguely known country, we’ll keep in touch with Caldera Resources and keep all our listeners in the know.


  • Hi Wim,

    This is a great start to the Caldera story and as it unfolds, we’ll look back at .10 from 1.00 and wonder why we didn’t buy any more. Hopefully Bill keeps the results comings and arbitration rules in favour. There’s always that small chance in these situations that things go sideways but welcome to the high risk/high reward hey? I truly believe all signs point to mid risk/high reward…


    • @BSB

      You’re spot on. If there wouldn’t be a certain amount of risk associated with Caldera, this wouldn’t be a small cap stock. I think they have a strong case to win the ruling against Global Gold, which will take a large part of the uncertainty away.

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