Renforth Commences Extensive Fieldwork Program at Surimeau District Battery Metals Project

Higher grade exploration results usually get the attention of investors. Perhaps rightly so, because the potential to sustain a profitable mining operation is enhanced when enriched ore is run through a mill. But there are many other factors that can move the needle and often the bulk tonnage deposits of lower grade mineralization are the most economic to mine. For battery metals like nickel and copper for example, most of the largest and most profitable producers are lower grade, bulk tonnage operations.

This is one of the reasons why Renforth Resources Inc. (CA:RFR – $0.04 & US:RFHRF – $0.02 & GER:9RR – €0.02) is so excited about the Surimeau District Battery Metals project. Early indications suggest that the bulk tonnage potential is very much in play. The mineralization encountered so far is at the lower grade of the spectrum, yet still well within the range for profitable economics. Two distinct styles of mineralization have been encountered in close proximity, one enriched with nickel and the other with copper. There are also encouraging indications that other metals like cobalt and PGEs may count towards favorable economics with potential recoverable by-products in a mining scenario. All options remain on the table as the Company has literally only scratched the surface for most of the expansive property area.

The vast Surimeau property.

Structural corridors have been mapped for tens of kilometers along several distinct targets. The Victoria West system is mineralized with battery metals and a continuous, near surface deposit is already being defined. More recently, Renforth commenced surface prospecting at the nearby Lalonde target and validated the presence of battery metals in outcrops and trenches. Lalonde certainly has the potential to emerge as another broad-based deposit extending for kilometers along strike.

Emerging Lalonde Target Area Warrants Further Attention

This week, Renforth confirmed that the next phase of fieldwork has commenced at Surimeau. Renforth has dispatched the same contractors for this round that were involved in the successful spring fieldwork program. Further scrutiny will focus on the Lalonde target area during this phase. Prospecting will cover a wider surface area of the system. Trenching has already been an effective strategy to outline near-surface mineralization and establish the lateral extent of the structures. The Company plans to complete three more trenches during this round, set perpendicular to the strike of the main system. The trenching will be extended to expose the full mineralized package of the system laterally.

The locations for the new Lalonde chipping/stripping/trenching are in the map above, which also indicates the locations of the previous trenches, for which assay results are still awaited, however, visual mineralization was present.

Samples will be extracted from any exposed alteration that appears to be mineralized. The objective is to obtain as many data points as possible. The location of mineralized showings can then be mapped, along with the previously completed geophysical survey, to outline the potential footprint of a deposit at Lalonde. With the benefit of this added detail, a subsequent drilling program may advance much more efficiently with clear targets selected.

Chipping, stripping and channel sampling will also continue at the Victoria West structure during this round. Of note, during the previous fieldwork this year a second, previously unknown band of mineralization was encountered to the north of the main structure. This target is located just above the northern edge of the area where surface stripping and sampling was completed last year. Geologists will revisit this area and complete trenching to expose the northern arm of the system and enable samples to be extracted. Another trench will be completed further to the east along the main structure with the focus to expose the full mineralized package of the mineralization.

At Victoria, also located on the Surimeau District Property, approximately 3.5km south of the Lalonde area, Renforth will carry out a chipping program in two specific locations within the ~20km long Victoria mineralized structure.


The highly prospective regional geology is an intriguing aspect to Surimeau. Extensive structural corridors have been mapped with the potential to host large deposits. In addition, the property is located within a productive mining district. Appealing showings of base metals mineralization have been encountered at several target areas. There is also the potential that enriched deposits of lithium, rare earth elements, and graphite may be discovered.

Access to critical infrastructure support including roads and a nearby electrical power source is already established. In effect Surimeau presents an exploration scenario for which much of the typical early stage risk has already been resolved. Renforth aspires to deliver on that potential.

The discipline to carry out effective fieldwork during this window of optimum weather is going to assist Renforth to more efficiently plan the next round of drilling. Previous trenching work at Lalonde has exposed numerous distinct suites of alteration where secondary minerals of copper and nickel have been encountered that are typical of large battery metals deposits. A similar setting at the Victoria West structure has already yielded a large deposit that remains open to depth and laterally. Suffice to state that the ideal circumstances are at hand for another deposit to be outlined at Lalonde.

The Company is gradually assembling the data accumulated from these early stages into the geological model. Surimeau is a potential treasure chest of mineral resources that remains largely unexplored, in the midst of an established mining district. The progress to outline new zones of similar grade mineralization at Lalonde will contribute towards achieving the kind of deposit that could support a bulk tonnage mining operation. Renforth awaits assay results for samples submitted from the previous fieldwork. The fall is shaping up to be an exciting time for Renforth shareholders. In case you don’t own shares of Renforth Resources yet, get on board, and if you already have a position, consider averaging down at these bargain prices. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $0.29Latest Company Report (pdf)
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