Preferred Dental Technologies is Seeking to Disrupt the Global Dental Implant Industry in 2019

Preferred Dental abutment

The junior Canadian stock market has historically been known as the place to put mining risk capital and more recently has ridden the marijuana wave. Preferred Dental Technologies Inc. (CA: PDTI – $0.03) appears to be an out-of-place misfit. However, looks can be deceiving… The Company, made possible through the technology and leadership of CEO Erik Siegmund, has aggressive plans […]

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CEO Erik Siegmund Explains What Makes Preferred Dental Technologies One of the Best Kept Secrets in the Dental Industry

Preferred Dental Erik Siegmund

We’re very excited to have Mr. Erik Siegmund, the President & CEO of Preferred Dental Technologies (CSE: PDTI – $0.04 & OTC: PDTTF – $0.03), as our guest today. Preferred Dental is a Canadian developer of various evolutionary and disruptive technologies in the dental implant industry. The Company has developed a number of revolutionary products that will stun the dental […]

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