High Grade Battery Metals Encountered in Outcrop Sample During Recent Fieldwork at Surimeau Property

Covering an area of 260 square kilometers, the Surimeau project has the magnitude to keep an active junior explorer busy for many years. The geological setting of this area provides the opportunity for numerous discoveries as focused exploration work continues. Despite its location within a productive mining jurisdiction of Quebec, only limited previous exploration was completed at Surimeau. The rapid progress achieved by Renforth Resources Inc. (CA:RFR – $0.07 & US:RFHRF – $0.06 & GER:9RR – €0.04) so far at the property is thus a testament to the effectiveness of the exploration team to review the available data and proceed from the grass-roots level to investigate targets of interest.

Six primary target areas have been developed so far at Surimeau. The Victoria West target is the only section of the property where Renforth has deployed a drilling rig. The Company was immediately rewarded with a compelling base metals discovery in a near-surface, volcanogenic massive sulphide setting. This emerging discovery area is a substantial mineralized system that may yet become a high profile base metals deposit. However the success at Victoria West has not distracted the Company from reviewing other potential targets on the enormous property. Prospecting work is ongoing to outline entirely new areas of interest.

Location map with the mineralized trend at Victoria West and Lalonde encircled in red, as well as the Huston area encircled in blue. These two are about 18km apart.

This week, Renforth reported assay results for a grab sample extracted during prospecting completed this summer at the Huston area. The Huston area is located some 18 kms to the northwest of the primary focus area at the Victoria Target. Geologists encountered a promising quartz vein exposed at surface. Grab samples from this alteration were selected and submitted to the laboratory for analysis. Assay results confirm attractive mineralization in the sample, which include 1.9% nickel, 1.38% copper, 1170ppm cobalt and 4g/t silver.

Surface Showing with Attractive Battery Metals Content Sampled at Huston

The Huston target area is located within a section of land claims acquired by staking earlier this year as Renforth acted to consolidate more of the open land proximal to the Surimeau project. This strategy was partly intended to control adjacent holdings along interpreted structures extending beyond the original property boundary.

One interesting aspect to this news is that the Huston area was not previously explored for base metals. There is no historical record of nickel showings documented for this portion of the property. The promising sample assay therefore opens the potential to advance an organic exploration prospect. This also validates the decision to increase the Surimeau property area.

During early prospecting and reconnaissance work, grab samples are often selected on the basis of visible minerals or alteration features. The actual assay grades are of lesser importance than the confirmation of the presence of specific metals. Nonetheless the nickel and copper grades well above 1% are certainly noteworthy. The presence of cobalt and silver in the sample was also a positive factor that adds to the appeal of this target.

Contrary to what one might expect, the attractive metal values were not found in the clearly visible quartz vein, but in the nearby grey rock.

This sample was derived from an outcrop featuring a quartz vein. However the quartz itself was not mineralized and it was the surrounding diorite host rock that carried the metals grades. Renforth plans to follow up with further investigation of the Huston area this fall. The optimum timing for this next phase will be within a few weeks, following the close of hunting season but prior to the first snowfall event for the area. A geological team will be dispatched to complete additional prospecting in the section of the property where the first grab sample was selected. It is likely that the diorite host rock formation will garner much more attention during this visit.


The full assay results from the spring/summer drilling work at Victoria West are still pending. Renforth outlined a deposit extending more than 2.2kms along strike with visible battery metals encountered and significant mineralization reported in every drill hole. The system remains open and a high priority target. Renforth has ambitions to continue exploration at other areas of Surimeau. Fieldwork to complete early prospecting and development of new targets remains a priority. At Huston, the Company now appears well on the way to presents another attractive discovery prospect.

The grades of nickel and copper from this grab sample are going to attract some attention. While one promising sample does not confirm that a deposit may be outlined at Huston, it is certainly a very good start that warrants further investigation. And as is customary with the approach for this Company in the past, Renforth is already preparing to return to the area to continue further fieldwork this fall.

Battery metals are going to remain in high demand for many years and the appeal to outline a larger deposit right in the heart of a major producing mining district in Quebec cannot be overstated. The urgency to advance work at Surimeau is therefore entirely appropriate. It is also constructive that Renforth has only been active on this property for a few quarters and yet has presented very promising early results from several isolated sections of the property. The exceptional potential at Surimeau may eventually contribute to the definition of multiple economic base metals deposits. This speculative appeal for the Company builds as additional target areas are identified. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY.

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