Geologix’s 3.48 Million Ounces Gold Resource Discussed in Interview

Mr. Dunham Craig

Mr. Dunham Craig, President and CEO of Geologix Explorations

As interest in commodities and precious metals in particular remains high, has completed another interview with an eye-catching exploration firm, Geologix Explorations Inc (GIX – $0.26).

Speaking with Mr. Dunham Craig, Geologix’s President and CEO, investigates the current success for Tepal, the Company’s flagship Gold-Copper property situated in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Mr. Craig divulges ample information about Tepal’s 3.48 million ounces of gold equivalent resource estimate and shares his confidence in the property’s potential to yield still greater rewards for shareholders as new drill results become available.

The interview also takes a look at the Company’s other properties in Nevada and Peru, which Mr. Craig likes to call “free lottery tickets”. How mining assets are managed is also important, and receives plenty of attention in the interview as Mr. Craig discusses the Company’s executive team. He also touches upon his opinion of the commodities markets including those for gold and copper, and reveals what he believes are the most compelling reasons to invest in Geologix today.

Our thorough, yet convenient, interview with Mr. Craig helps any investor to become more familiar with the Company, and anyone involved in gold and copper trading is likely to benefit, as well.

Listen to our interview by clicking the play button on the media player or download the convenient transcript of the interview. We welcome your comments!


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