Exploration Continues at Renforth’s Surimeau District Property

The onset of winter usually also has a chilling effect on exploration activity at remote sections of northern property holdings. Limited access and the potential for deep snow cover create difficulties that impair efficient fieldwork. However, this delay provides the opportunity for more careful planning to prepare for the resumption of activity in the spring. Renforth Resources Inc. (CA:RFR – $0.07 & US:RFHRF – $0.06 & GER:9RR – €0.04) remains focused on continuing aggressive exploration activity at its 100% owned Parbec and Surimeau projects. This week, the Company presented an update on the status of these projects, along with plans to build momentum following the highly successful work conducted in 2021.

The properties have been restructured to incorporate the Malartic West property into the larger adjoining Surimeau project. The amalgamation of these two large projects is now identified as the Surimeau District Property. Of note, the total surface area for this asset now amounts to more than 300 square kilometers.

While the magnitude for Surimeau continues to build, Parbec remains the most advanced asset. A structural study for the property is now underway, led by a specialized consulting firm. The extensive database of geological data will be reviewed to interpret similarities with other nearby gold deposits. The objective is to determine potential gold-bearing structural features that may be identified for exploration targets. These zones present the opportunity to expand the size of the deposit with additional exploration.

Geophysical Surveying to Commence Shortly at Surimeau District Property

The initial breakthrough discovery at the Victoria West target area has led to multiple rounds of exploration work. Each of these programs has advanced this emerging deposit and improved the outlook for definition of a much larger deposit.

The Company has defined a mineralized trend along strike for 6kms. An additional 14km of this structural target remains untested further to the east, terminating at the mineralized Colonie target. Renforth has determined that a regional approach spanning the entire 20km interpreted target area would be more effective prior to additional drilling work. An aerial geophysical survey is the optimum method to proceed on this scale.

Surimeau Survey Flightlines

In addition, the nearby Lalonde target to the north would also be within range for this program. A polymetallic target extending roughly 2km in strike has been outlined at Lalonde based on historical drilling completed by a previous operator. Renforth has opted to include this additional coverage to gain greater value from the aerial survey. The total program will amount to 912 line kilometers of MAG and EM aerial surveying to collect the data.

Winter snow cover is currently restricting the surface access to the project. However this technology is able to ‘see’ through snow cover and penetrate more than 100m below surface. The data generated by this program can already be interpreted within a few weeks. This is very exciting, as for the first time serious geophysical work will be conducted on these areas.

Also of note, the full suite of assay results from the drill program completed late last year? is expected shortly. A total of seven drill holes were completed to test potential extensions further to depth in the area where stripping and sampling work had delivered positive results. The assay results may build further speculative potential for the next round of drilling.

Evaluation of Other Exploration Targets Creates Potential for Additional Resource Leverage

Exploration programs at Surimeau have already confirmed mineralization enriched with nickel, copper, zinc, silver, gold, cobalt, and platinum group metals at various areas of the property. The Battery Metals are considered to be of greater economic importance due to the escalating industrial demand related to manufacturing of electric vehicles. Renforth has now reported the potential for lithium resources to be outlined within the project area, adding another layer of attractive upside for the project.

Laboratory analysis involves assaying for a suite of 52 elements as part of the preliminary exploration process. During surface reconnaissance work certain samples collected in proximity to pegmatites were found to be mineralized with lithium. Given the importance of lithium resources as demand for electric vehicle batteries continues to increase, Renforth has opted to expand the focus of its efforts to include exploration for lithium deposits. A prospecting team will revisit areas of the property where pegmatites were identified to complete more extensive fieldwork. Sample material from these areas will be resubmitted for assaying specific to a lithium package of elements. This work is expected to commence in the spring.

The Beaupre copper-silver target at the northern portion of the property area is another attractive target that merits further attention. A mineralized surface outcrop has been outlined that extends for about 165m at Beaupre. The potential for this zone is highlighted by the discovery grab sample extracted from the target with an average of 8.08% copper. Renforth plans to complete an IP survey to cover the larger area surrounding the Beaupre target. Again the purpose of this work will be to interpret and define drilling targets.


The strategy to build value through successful exploration has motivated Renforth to advance its Parbec property through several years of incremental fieldwork. Parbec now stands as a legitimate candidate for development to establish a producing gold mine. However the next phase of work is already underway in pursuit of further resource expansion to build the value proposition for the project.

Eventually the torch will be passed to Surimeau, an emerging district-scale discovery play. Surimeau presents the right mix of resources at the right time, located in the ideal jurisdiction. Battery Metals are becoming the story of the commodity boom. Surging demand has placed a greater priority on advancement of new domestic deposits of these critical raw materials. Renforth has already delivered a discovery success at Victoria West with the confirmation of a large base metals system. The effort now shifts to expand on this beachhead.

Extensive geophysical surveying work will be launched this month along the entire structural corridor at Victoria West through to Colonie, the northern extension to Lalonde and at the Beaupre copper-silver target. This will provide greater confidence to proceed with drilling work when the winter snow melts.

The intriguing potential for lithium discovery that has been highlighted through surface sampling work at several locations presents another attractive exploration opportunity for this large property.

Renforth is moving ahead with the perspective to complete preliminary target definition work, followed by aggressive drilling programs set to resume later this spring. The balance to consider other high profile targets elsewhere on the property will enable the district scale opportunity to advance without compromising the focus at Victoria West. The Company aspires to deliver significant Battery Metals discovery leverage during this window of speculative to create further shareholder value. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY.

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