EuroSite Power Representatives Share Plans for Further Revenue and Margin Growth

We were thrilled to sit down with two representatives from EuroSite Power (EUSP – $1.25), Dr. Elias Samaras, the Acting Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Paul Hamblyn, the Managing Director of the Company. They’ve joined us to give an update about EuroSite’s significant progress over the past few months, and to talk about their plans for further growth.

Mr. Hamblyn touches upon EuroSite’s outstanding first quarter financial results, and provides details about how the Company was able to substantially increase its gross margin. He also explains the plans to boost margin growth yet further.

Dr. Samaras talks about how they want to put the $7.25 million, which EuroSite recently raised, to good use. We learn that even an acquisition is one of the possibilities to fund strategic growth.

We find out if EuroSite is prepared for tightening emissions restrictions in Europe as of 2019. And the CEO delivers plenty of valuable information about how the Company stands to benefit from the patented Ultera near-zero emissions technology, developed by one of its equipment manufacturers, for the vehicular market.

The interview digs deeper into the Company’s expansion plans in mainland Europe. Mr. Hamblyn reveals the two countries on which they’ll focus initially.

Finally, the interview explains what it will take for EuroSite to become cash flow positive and how that goal may be reached faster than expected thanks to the Company’s substantial sales pipeline.

Download our convenient transcript below.

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