EuroSite Power Interview Reveals Growth Plans for 2016

Since our initial interview with representatives from EuroSite Power (EUSP – $0.90) in June 2015, some significant progress has been made by the Company. So we’re pleased that we could sit down with Mr. Paul Hamblyn, the Managing Director of EuroSite Power and also Mr. Elias Samaras, the Company’s new CEO, to give us an update.

Mr. Hamblyn first gives a recap of the third quarter financials, ended September 30, 2015. He also explains why gross margins in that quarter were actually significantly higher than reported, when all one off items are excluded. In addition, he provides details about the margin outlook for the current quarter.

The Managing Director also delivers plenty of valuable information about how margins will be increased in coming quarters. For example, he explains how the natural gas supply agreement with Corona Energy might increase the Company’s margins with as much as one third. And he also describes how the new in-house maintenance team will positively contribute to margins.

Mr. Samaras, on the other hand, discusses the pending agreements with two major banks to 100% finance all of EuroSite Power’s future contracts. The interview also takes a look at the Company’s expansion plans into mainland Europe. And the CEO reveals the first two countries where this expansion may take place.

Finally, Mr. Hamblyn touches upon the progress the operational fleet has made during 2015 concerning availability and efficiency.

Our interview serves as a powerful starting point for any investor new to EuroSite Power, and as a helpful update for those who are already familiar with the Company.

In case you’re wondering what present to buy yourself, or loved ones, for Christmas. Go for some EuroSite Power shares. We expect them to do very well in 2016. Buy recommendation.

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