Esperanza Resources: Update on a Diversified Minerals Company

Bill Pincus

Mr. Bill Pincus, President and CEO of Esperanza Resources

Turning heads with its promising prospects and intriguing development plans in gold, silver, and copper hotspots around the globe, Esperanza Resources (EPZ – $1.62) has experienced several interesting events since our original interview nearly a year ago.

To get a feel for Esperanza’s progress and its outlook, we’ve spoken with Mr. Bill Pincus, President and CEO, who has shared his views on Esperanza’s current project portfolio.

Available for online listening as well as in a convenient transcript format, our interview uncovers the exciting developments of the wholly-owned Cerro Jumil gold project in Mexico. Mr. Pincus also discusses the Peruvian Pucarana and Colqui Orcco properties, providing useful insight into these grassroots properties and the Company’s expectations for each.

Esperanza’s recent sales activities are covered as we explore the Company’s deal with Silver Standard Resources Inc. and we get the scoop on the strategic investment in a fascinating project in Slovakia.

From impressive resource estimates to a quick overview of Esperanza’s various smaller projects in the pipeline, the interview helps to understand the investment potential of this interesting Company in the short- and the long-term.

Hit the play button below to listen to the interview or download your copy of the transcript.


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