Green Tech Company On The Verge Of Big Breakthrough In Ecuador

Top of a bioleach reactor in operation

When BacTech Environmental Corp (CSE: BAC – $0.02 & US: BCCEF – $0.01 & GER: 0BT1 – €0.01) successfully developed its proprietary bioleach processing circuit and began the drive to commercialize (the technology is already commercial. Has been since our first plant in 1994) this technology the Company was drawn to Ecuador as an ideal jurisdiction. Mining activity is an […]

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Here’s Why Second Time Around at Snow Lake Could Become Breakthrough for BacTech Environmental

BacTech Snow Lake project stockpile

There has been a growing awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and this movement has also led to some hostility and resistance towards mining activity. While it is true that some mines have created damaging consequences for the environment, society as we know it today could not function without mining. The reality is that mining companies have […]

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CEO Ross Orr Shares Why BacTech Environmental is the Go-To Company to Clean Up High Grade Mine Tailings

BacTech Ross Orr

We’re excited to speak with Mr. Ross Orr, the President and CEO of BacTech Environmental Corp (CA: BAC – $0.03 & US: BCCEF – $0.02 & GER: 0BT1 – €0.01). The Company uses its patented bioleaching technology to process toxic, arsenic-laden mine tailings, which often contain valuable metals worth tens of millions of dollars. We’ve been following BacTech for several […]

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