Auxilio CEO Joe Flynn Discusses Outstanding Growth Opportunities In US Healthcare Industry

We’re happy to announce the publication of another insightful interview. This time with Mr. Joe Flynn, the President and CEO of Auxilio Inc. (AUXO – $0.80). The Company is active in the sweet spot of the healthcare industry in the United States, as it provides solutions and services that mitigate risk, reduce costs and provide operational efficiency.

Through its original Managed Print Services (MPS) business, the Company significantly reduces the amount of documents that are printed in hospitals, saving those facilities millions of dollars. Auxilio currently provides those services to about 320 hospitals. With thousands more clinics and critical care facilities all over the United States, the growth opportunities are virtually endless. Mr. Flynn talks about the large pipeline of opportunities for MPS.

The CEO also gives plenty of information about its IT securities business, called Redspin, and how US hospitals are under constant threat from hackers. That’s exactly why Auxilio acquired Redspin a year and a half ago. And it’s starting to pay off. In fact, Mr. Flynn, reveals that Redspin just signed a major contract. He furthermore touches upon the subject of executing additional acquisitions in this booming sector.

The interview also takes a look at the Company’s iPLATFORM solution, that significantly increases the efficiency in basic workflows in health systems. Mr. Flynn describes that although the Company only recently launched the product, it’s already seeing a large demand for it.

Finally, the CEO shares his thoughts about the Company’s financial outlook, and areas where he sees continued growth and improved margins.

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