TurboSonic Interview: New Year, New Regulations, New Prospects

Ed Spink, CEO TurboSonic

Mr. Ed Spink, CEO TurboSonic Technologies

At Smallcaps.us, we pay close attention to those Companies that show a broad potential for meaningful growth in their respective industries. In face of changing U.S. and international pollution regulations, TurboSonic Technologies (TSTA – $0.28) has long captivated our interest thanks to its air pollution control technology lead.

We caught up with TurboSonic’s CEO, Mr. Ed Spink, to find out how recent changes in regulation have impacted the business and its prospects, and to get a better picture of how the Company’s stock can be expected to perform in coming months.

Interested listeners – and readers – can take advantage of this in-depth interview on our website by checking out our audio link or accessing our convenient transcript. From a critical discussion of up-to-the-minute issues in regulatory control, including current legal concerns, to candid talk about European opportunities, Mr. Spink delivers an insightful look at his Company’s position in the modern pollution control environment and its potential for the near future.

The interview also touches upon the progress of recently-awarded contracts and taps into TurboSonic’s take on the state of the economy and how the stirrings of recovery may influence investment opportunities. Enjoy a meaningful look at one of the brightest players in modern pollution control and get an edge on your investment decisions with our informative interview, and feel free to leave a comment of your own.


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