Tecogen CEO Ben Locke Discusses Growth & Expansion Plans

We’re very pleased about our initial interview with Mr. Ben Locke, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Tecogen Inc, (TGEN – $4.09). Tecogen manufactures and sells industrial and commercial cogeneration systems, and is also working on an emissions technology that could literally revolutionize the automotive industry. So we had plenty to talk about.

In our interview, we follow along with Mr. Locke as he describes the Company’s recent activities as well as its plans for the future.

Mr. Locke highlights Tecogen’s brand new InVerde e+ technology for cogeneration units. And he shares how that technology separates the Company from its competitors.

The interview digs deeper into the Company’s financial results and the outlook for the coming quarters. In addition, the CEO shares if he expects to become cash flow positive this year.

A substantial portion of the interview is devoted to the Company’s revolutionary Ultera emissions technology, which dramatically reduces the main smog criteria CO and NOx. The CEO also provides details about the Ultera’s potential use in the automotive industry following the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The interview also takes a look at Mr. Locke’s expansion plans, how he intends to broaden the product offering, and how he wants to enter the $40 to $50 billion market for large scale CHPs.

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