Renoworks Software CEO Reveals Exceptional Growth Opportunities

We are very pleased to sit down with Mr. Doug Vickerson, the CEO of Renoworks Software Inc (CA: RW – $0.50 & US: ROWKF – $0.39). Renoworks offers a web-based visualization platform for homeowners and contractors to plan, design and visualize home repair and remodeling projects. What makes the Company so extremely interesting is the fact that the ease of use of this type of software makes sure that it will become the standard way for homeowners to start a remodeling project.

A substantial portion of the interview is devoted to the Company’s products and services, so that listeners and readers get a better understanding of their true potential.

Mr. Vickerson also provides details on Renoworks’ customers and how they exactly use the Company’s fascinating technology to win new business.

The CEO furthermore gives details on the fascinating future of Renoworks’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies. Mr. Vickerson says, “AI will be a key component of our push to disrupt the lead generation in the industry.”

What makes Renoworks even more attractive is the fact that although the home visualization industry is still in its infancy, the Company already managed to achieve some very attractive first quarter results for 2021. In fact, it was the best quarter in its history.

To discover much more about this exciting investment opportunity, all you have to do is click the play button on the media player below or download the transcript. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $1.45Latest Company Report (pdf)
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