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Renewable energy Companies come in different shapes and sizes. Some focus on wind or solar power, while others produce energy from geothermal or biomass waste sources.

By now, everybody agrees, there’s a limited amount of fossil fuels available on Earth. So gradually, alternative energy will be our only source for energy production.

That’s why we’ve seen a real boom of small “green” start-up Companies the last couple of years. Some of them will survive and grow to be an important energy supplier, but the majority of them won’t make it.

The big question is how to find the ones that have a high chance to become a survivor?

Well, I like to look for a Company with a proven technology that has been up and running for several months or years. Another important item is the Company’s management team. Look for a skilled and credible team. Make sure you read their biographies.

A final major issue is if the Company has one or more signed contracts to sell its produced energy. If that’s the case, it means there’s another Company willing to risk its reputation and money. It also means that as soon as the first plant is finished it can start generating revenues.

I found a Company, called Global Green Solutions Inc. (GGRN – $0.06), that meets all of the above criteria. The Company’s Greensteam technology produces industrial steam and electrical power from waste biomass.

Global Green exclusively licenses its cyclonic burner technology from The Onix Corporation, who has successfully installed over 250 cyclonic combustors since 1985. The management team is very experienced, as you can read in the report, and GGRN has a contract in place with Aera Energy, a Shell/Mobil Oil joint venture, and one of California’s largest oil and gas producers.

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