LiqTech International Well On Its Way To Complete Turnaround

A Company that we’ve been following for quite a while, and which recently announced record third quarter earnings is LiqTech International (LIQT – $1.27).

LiqTech develops gas and liquid purification systems using ceramic silicon carbide membranes. A year and a half ago, the Company tuned around from being a supplier of membranes into a supplier of complete water treatment systems. So we’re very pleased that we had the opportunity to sit down with the Company’s CEO, Mr. Sune Mathiesen, to talk about this transformation.

Mr. Mathiesen explains that tightening environmental legislation increases the demand for LiqTech’s unique solutions. He provides details, for example, about the $6.9 million order the Company received to remove heavy metals from a mining company’s wastewater. He also talks about the outstanding opportunities in the maritime industry. LiqTech already sold several systems to a well-known company that’s active in the maritime and offshore industries to remove heavy metal from scrubber wastewater on ships.

In addition, the CEO describes the opportunities in the oil & gas sector for its filtration systems. And also LiqTech’s applications for the water industry receive plenty of attention. Mr. Mathiesen shares that, in this area, they focus on applications for groundwater treatment, reclamation of backwash water from sand filters, and reclamation of municipal waste water for irrigation and other purposes.

The interview also digs a little deeper into the third quarter results, and the outlook for the coming quarters.

Our interview with Mr. Mathiesen helps any investor to become more familiar with LiqTech International, which is well on its way to complete its turnaround.

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