EnerSpar Corp CEO Jay Richardson Explains Merits of Unique Feldspar Opportunity

EnerSpar Corp. (TSXV: ENER – $0.05 & Fra: 5E0 – €0.03) is a mining Company that is developing an extraordinary feldspar property in Quebec, Canada. As EnerSpar only became listed a few months ago, it hasn’t been discovered by many investors yet. Hence, we’re very pleased to sit down with Mr. Jay Richardson, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnerSpar to find out all about this unique opportunity in North America.

Mr. Richardson delivers plenty of valuable information about what exactly feldspars are and the different types that exist. He explains that feldspars are one of the most abundant materials on the surface of the earth, yet the types found on EnerSpar’s Johan Beetz property are quite rare. In fact, he says, there are NO operating feldspar mines that produce the high quality material found at Johan Beetz throughout North America.

The CEO furthermore describes in which industries feldspars are used, and why Tesla’s SolarCity may be very interested in Johan Beetz’ future output. He also touches upon the property’s excellent location with direct access to water, which makes shipping of the mined ore very convenient.

The interview digs deeper into the existing non-compliant resource for the property that dates back to the 1950s. In addition, the CEO provides plenty of critical information about the exploration work that recently commenced at Johan Beetz, and which should lead to a new NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate in 2018.

At that moment, Mr. Richardson reveals, chances are that the property will be sold to a powerful group with plenty of connections in the feldspar industry. If no agreement is reached, the CEO mentions, EnerSpar would put the property into production itself. After all, the feldspars are located at surface, meaning that the valuable ore can be extracted at relatively low cost. He wraps up by saying that the project is going to advance rapidly either to production or to a liquidity event.

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