Chatham Rock CEO Chris Castle Explains What Makes Chatham Rise Project Unique and Highly Profitable

We’re excited to have Mr. Chris Castle, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for Chatham Rock Phosphate Limited (TSXV: NZP – $0.28 & OTCBB: GELGF – $0.23 & Fra: 3GRE – €0.14) with us today. This New Zealand based Company aims to be a premier supplier of direct application phosphate to the global agricultural sector.

Mr. Castle first talks about the Chatham Rise Phosphate project’s history and its unique location at a depth of around 400 metres in New Zealand territory. In addition, the CEO divulges ample information about how the Phosphate will be extracted in cooperation with Royal Boskalis, one of the leading global dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services providers. He reveals that Boskalis has even become a significant shareholder of the Company, an exceptional feat.

Mr. Castle furthermore provides details about the application that the Company is preparing to submit with the Environmental Protection Authority. Two offshore projects, one in Mexico and one in New Zealand, were recently granted approval, which gives high hopes for the Chatham Rise project as well. Moreover, he explains why the environmental impact of the project will be very limited.

The interview seeks out further information and insight for investors by asking the executive for his point of view on today’s Phosphate market. This way, listeners also learn about the extraordinary characteristics of the Phosphate that’s found at Chatham Rise.

The interview also digs deeper into the Company’s Namibia Project along the Namibian coast in Africa. In addition, Mr. Castle shares that recently two exploration permits were granted for this offshore project.

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