CEO Walter Johnsen Provides Thorough Update and Outlook for Acme United

We’re excited to have Mr. Walter Johnsen, the Chairman and CEO of Acme United Corporation (NYSE American: ACU – $21.28), with us to give us an update on the Company.

Mr. Johnsen first divulges ample information about the issues that Acme had to overcome when transitioning sales from brick and mortar stores to online. He also shares his views on where online sales will go.

The CEO, who just returned from China, explains how the decline of the Chinese yuan versus the US dollar may have a positive impact on the Company’s margins. Mr. Johnsen also talks about the tariffs on imported goods from China and how some of the Company’s US based manufacturing plants may benefit from this event.

Furthermore, the interview touches upon Acme United’s new products that will hit the shelves in the coming months. Also some of Acme’s brands are discussed, along with their growth potential. Mr. Johnsen, for example, provides details on why the SmartCompliance business is having such a big impact on customers.

Finally, investors find out in which areas the Company is currently searching for an attractive acquisition.

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