Bonduelle Launches InFlavor Vegetables Produced With EnWave Technology

It has finally happened. Bonduelle, the world’s leading processed vegetable producer has launched a new category of frozen vegetables called InFlavor.

The new exclusive InFlavor dehydration and preparation process uses partial vacuum-microwave drying to remove a certain percentage of water content from vegetables. The process enhances the properties of frozen vegetables so much that comparison with fresh vegetables ceases to be an issue.

The taste, appearance, texture, and quality are truly similar to fresh vegetables. In fact, blind testing by chefs and consumers alike found InFlavor vegetables to be similar or even better than fresh vegetables.

In addition, InFlavor vegetables don’t lose water during preparation. That way, even high water content frozen vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini are prepared with superb results. InFlavor vegetables also leave no trace of water when prepared and they keep their original size.

Best of all, the vacuum-microwave drying machine that makes this all possible is manufactured by EnWave Corp (TSXV:ENW – $0.77 CAD & OTC:NWVCF – $0.50 USD). Bonduelle will pay a production-based royalty between 3% and 5% on a quarterly basis and a monthly lease for the use of the EnWave machinery.

A High-Tech Process

InFlavor vegetables are initially prepared the same way as all other Bonduelle processed vegetables: they are optimally washed, cut, and blanched.

Then comes the key part of the InFlavor process, partial vacuum microwave drying. The vegetables are heated and partially dried at a low temperature for several minutes by EnWave’s 120kW commercial quantaREV machine. This eliminates some of the water that vegetables contain and limits water release during preparation. The recommended dehydration percentage is between 15% and 30% depending on the variety of vegetable and type of application.

It truly separates InFlavor from all other frozen vegetables. Because the more water vegetables contain, the more ice crystals are formed during the freezing process, which damages their cellular structure. This phenomenon affects the texture and taste of vegetables, and is also responsible for the water that is released during the preparation.

Finally, the partially dehydrated vegetables are placed in a very low temperature environment of about -31°F (-35°C) for high-efficiency freezing.

The new process enables Bonduelle to produce frozen vegetables with enhanced flavor, color and nutrient concentration. As such, it’s able to significantly distinguish itself from its competitors.

In an interview with CBC, Bonduelle Canada CEO Daniel Vielfaure raved about the many virtues of EnWave’s REV dried vegetables. He said, “Right now, the quality of ‘water-heavy’ frozen vegetables when served is not what consumers are expecting to have. Vegetables become mushy because the water in them expands and destroys their molecular structure. But EnWave has the leap on everyone when it comes to the production of dehydrofrozen vegetables.”

Indistinguishable From Fresh

There’s nothing more credible than a blind taste test. The Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec conducted blind testing and qualitative studies among food service professionals and consumers. The response was unanimous, InFlavor vegetables are comparable to fresh vegetables.

The chefs were impressed. They confirmed their interest in InFlavor products and 90% of them are convinced that such high-quality vegetables could easily replace fresh produce in many applications.


InFlavor vegetables passed the ultimate blind tasting test with flying colors. The market evaluation results, with a number of foodservice and retail food companies, as well as chef clients, illustrated that the majority of participants could not tell the difference between fresh and dehydrofrozen (DHF) products after being cooked.

Along with exceptional flavor, the InFlavor process delivers all the practical convenience and cost savings of frozen foods plus vegetables of unrivaled quality. Moreover, with no water released, precut InFlavor vegetables can be used directly in their frozen state in cooked dishes like pizza, quiche, and omelets.

All of this makes InFlavor a major breakthrough.

Bonduelle, whose global distribution reaches into over 100 countries worldwide, has every confidence in its new frozen vegetables products. It even created a specially designated website for InFlavor, indicating how important this product is for them.

Bonduelle will generate an attractive production-based royalty for EnWave. If successful, several more units could be ordered. In fact, Bonduelle is already collaborating with EnWave to finalize the design and construction of a 300kW quantaREV machine for potential future use.

The Bonduelle royalties will ensure that EnWave gets another step closer to being cash flow positive, an event everybody seems to waiting for. Buy recommendation.

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  • Do we know when ENW is expected to release their next quarterly financial results?

    • John Peters (editor)


      EnWave’s first quarter of its fiscal year 2016 ended December 31, 2015.

      Last year, the Company filed its first quarter results March 2nd. We haven’t received confirmation yet, but we assume that it will be around the same period this year.



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