Alliance Growers CEO Dennis Petke Explains Strong Revenue Potential from Diversified Cannabis Platform

It’s a pleasure to sit down with Mr. Dennis Petke, the President and CEO of Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE: ACG – $0.24 & OTC: ALGWF – $0.18 & Frankfurt: 1LA – €0.15). This Company is establishing a diversified platform in the cannabis industry based on its Four Pillars Organization Plan.

Mr. Petke starts off the interview by describing Alliance Growers’ plantlets business and its strategic investment in Pharmagreen, which will soon become a publicly listed company. The CEO reveals that once Pharmagreen is in operation, it can generate as much as $60 million in revenue annually.

A substantial portion of the interview is devoted to Alliance Growers’ second pillar: growing the plants. Therefore, the Company has recently acquired BiocannaTech Inc, which this month will start constructing a 10,000 square foot facility that is projected to generate $10 million revenue per year. Furthermore, the facility can be expanded to 70,000 square foot with a projected gross revenue of $70 million per year.

Next to BiocannaTech, Alliance Growers has also acquired a stake in Canwe Growers, a private Toronto based company with a 22 acre property on which it plans to build a facility focused on producing clean, premium quality cannabis.

Mr. Petke then shares his interesting views on the production and distribution of CBD oil, Alliance Growsers’ third pillar. Moreover, the CEO provides details about the potential acquisition of Spyder Vapes, an established chain of three high-end vape stores in Ontario, Canada. He explains that Spyder Vapes would be an ideal starting point to build a retail network of high-quality stores, which would make Alliance Growers a true ‘Seed-to-Sale’ business.

Finally, the interview takes a look at Alliance Growers’ forth pillar, which is R&D and its interesting partnership with Botanical Research in Motion.

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