Acme’s Rick Constantine Joins American Knife and Tool Institute

Camillus Knives, a brand of Acme United (ACU – $19.08), has been appointed to the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI). Rick Constantine, Vice President of Marketing and Global Business Unit Leader at Acme, and responsible for Camillus, will join AKTI’s Board of Regents.

The American Knife & Tool Institute promotes a reasonable and responsible approach to legislation regarding knives and the enforcement of knife laws. Its Board of Regents has representatives of many of the leading knife manufacturers such as Buck Knives, Gerber, W.R. Case & Sons, Taylor Brands, Columbia River Knife, and now also Camillus Knives.

American Knife & Tool Institute

The American Knife & Tool Institute is a non-profit organization, which since 1998, represents all segments of the knife industry and all knife users. It’s recognized as a well-respected, credible and accurate source of knife legislation information, legislative input, and industry information.

The institute has a successful track-record of accomplishments in making effective changes to restrictive knife laws and promoting reasonable and responsible laws and enforcement. For example, every state in the U.S. has different laws pertaining to the possession and application of knives. To make matters worse, some states have local ordinances concerning knives that change from county to county and city to city. Making it complicated for anyone to travel while carrying a knife. One of AKTI’s goals is to bring all those laws more in line with each other.

Rick Constantine

Walter C. Johnsen, Chairman and CEO, said: “We are thrilled Rick will be joining the AKTI board. I am certain he will contribute passion and knowledge to the knife community.” Mr. Johnsen added that Rick is an avid hunter and nationally sponsored offshore and commercial fisherman.

In that sense it’s no surprise that Mr. Constantine is also the driving force behind Acme’s newest brand Cuda, which launched an entire line of fishing knives and tools a few months ago. If all went well, the first sales for that brand should have been recorded in the fourth quarter, ended December 31, with much more expected in the current quarter. We’ll find out when year-end results are presented late February.

We’ll also catch up with Mr. Constantine after next week’s Shot Show, Acme’s biggest marketing event of the year, to give us an update about the Company’s latest tools. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $59.86Latest Company Report (pdf)
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