Acme United Successfully Introduces New Safety Items At NSC Congress & Expo

The National Safety Council (NSC) was founded in 1913 by business leaders who decided workplace fatalities didn’t have to be the cost of doing business. More than a century after the National Safety Council was founded, the NSC Congress & Expo has become the nation’s largest annual gathering of safety professionals with more than 700 exhibitors offering the latest safety products.

One of the companies attending this year’s fair in San Diego was Acme United Corp. (US: ACU – $23.02). The NSC Congress & Expo is Acme’s biggest marketing event of the year in the first aid category. As such, it gives a good indication of the outlook for the industry and Acme’s first aid and safety brands.

The show was a true success for the Company with lots of exciting meetings. It had a large booth, which was packed with the latest products from the First Aid Only (FAO), Med-Nap, and First Aid Central. Also, the safety cutter range of the Westcott brand was shown to the public. Consequently, the booth attracted lots of visitors.

Exciting Lineup of New Products by First Aid only

First Aid Only was the star at Acme’s booth. The brand is a trusted provider of cost effective first aid solutions for individuals and businesses in every industry. It offers a full line of first aid kits, cabinets and stations, Emergency Response Care, individual first aid products, Spill Clean Up kits, CPR care and much more.

The innovative design of the SmartCompliance first aid cabinets, for example, eliminate disorganized and missing supplies often seen within traditional first aid cabinets. As first aid products are used, the SmartTab ezRefill reminders notify a user when it’s time to reorder so that supplies never run out when it matters most. Most importantly, the First Aid Only patented designs help businesses stay compliant with federally mandated First Aid and safety regulations (also read the ANSI revised 2021 standards item below). As a result, the SmartCompliance cabinets have been a tremendous success since their launch.

At the NSC show, the latest add-on to the SmartCompliance cabinets was revealed, the SmartTab scanner. The scanner basically puts first aid cabinet refill management in the hands of every employee. As supplies are used, SmartTab ezRefill reminder tabs notify the user when it is time to reorder supplies. Thanks to the SmartTab scanner, the user can now simply scan the yellow SmartTab and a requisition is automatically sent to the supplier.

It’s obvious that this scanner makes it easier to reorder, reduces the workload and assures companies that they stay compliant with regulations. The SmartTab scanner will be available in the first half of 2023.

The SmartTab Scanner is the latest innovation in SmartCompliance

FAO also showed the Adaptable Line of first aid kits that are designed for remote and specialized work environments. The innovative Attach & Release First Aid Kit, for example, provides maximum versatility to attach to a vehicle, work equipment or a worker’s belt.

The multi-purpose kit carries 165 supplies to treat bleeding, burns, cuts and scrapes. It has multiple straps so that the kit can be attached to a wide variety of work settings, such as construction equipment, janitorial carts, or warehouse racking.

Also part of this new line is the Drop-Leg First Aid Kit. This compact and lightweight kit is designed to attach to someone’s leg so that first aid is always at the ready. It contains supplies to treat catastrophic bleeding and other emergencies, making it ideally suited for workers in jobs like logging, electrical line work and outdoor construction.

The Attach & Release First Aid Kit (left) and the Drop-Leg First Aid Kit

A final addition to the Adaptable Line is the Vehicle Headrest First Aid Kit. The kit adapts to work vehicles and secures to a vehicle headrest. It contains 93 basic first aid components and can be mounted to specialized work equipment like construction vehicles, delivery vans and work trucks.

The Vehicle Headrest First Aid Kit

The NSC Congress was also ideal to introduce the First Aid Only QuickTreat Dispensers. These are regular first aid kits with 370 first aid supplies for treating cuts, scrapes, swelling and burns. But the kits also feature the pull and go technology, which allows someone to grab two of the most frequently needed items by simply sliding them out of the cover.

The First Aid Only QuickTreat Dispenser

Workplace First Aid Kits Require Updates to Meet Industry Standard

Employers have a responsibility to provide healthy workplaces, for both the well-being of the employees and the efficiency of the enterprises. In certain emergencies, access to the bandages, antiseptic, gauze, and other items found in these workplace first aid kits can mitigate injuries entirely or act as temporary abatements before professional help can be reached.

In the United States, businesses are federally mandated to have first aid solutions that are compliant with OSHA . In addition many businesses adhere to ANSI standards. These ANSI minimum requirements ensure that items needed to treat the most common types of injuries and sudden illnesses encountered in the workplace are readily accessible and available.

In March, ANSI announced revised 2021 standards. The effective date of this new standard is October 15, 2022. Thereafter, first aid kits in compliance with this standard shall contain the required supplies, and the supplies shall meet the applicable performance requirements.

Employers should begin to check their first aid cabinets against the new standard, and make the required changes. First Aid Only’s SmartCompliance first aid supply cabinets ensure that businesses are covered. It’s clear that these revised ANSI standards could cause an sales boost for FAO.


Changes in the economy, demographics, work environments, technology and job structures are creating new safety challenges and bring with them new workplace risks. So it is imperative that companies large and small keep focusing on safety at work.

As a result, the first aid segment continues to grow at Acme United. In fact, it generates about half of the Company’s total revenues, due to excellent growth during the past few years.

In today’s world, where companies are very competitive and concerned about costs, FAO’s SmartCompliance cabinets are a wise choice for companies as they meet every workplace’s first aid needs, while providing the customer complete control of what to order at a much lower cost.

Acme’s booth at the NSC show attracted lots of quality traffic, such as safety managers, distributors, and buyers from major customers. A clear indication that first aid will continue to be a solid contributor to Acme United’s success. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $59.86Latest Company Report (pdf)
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