Acme United Introduces New Garden Tool Lines

Last week, at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Acme United Corp. (ACU – $10.60) introduced a complete new line of gardening tools, under the Clauss brand. Clauss, which is well known for its scissors and cutting tools for the professional market, launched both the Enviro-Line™ and the AirShoc™ line.

The Enviro-Line (pdf) is a new line of lawn & garden products like pruners, snips, floral knives, spring assisted scissors, etc. The blades are titanium bonded, making them 3 times harder than untreated stainless steel and corrosion resistant. In addition, the packaging and handles of the tools are made from recycled materials.

The new AirShoc line (pdf) of professional lawn & garden tools includes loppers, hedge shears, branch saws and grass and garden shears as well as their respective replacement blades. The Titanium-Bonded™ Non-Stick blades prevent saps and adhesives from sticking to the blades. The tools also feature Microban® antibacterial treated blades and grips to protect the user as well as the plants themselves. The AirShoc grips are engineered to reduce the impact and fatigue of cutting through branches, etc. Like the Enviro-Line, the AirShoc packaging is also environmentally sustainable.

Finally, the AirShoc line features break-through “Tool-Less Blade Change” allowing the user to change from a bypass blade to an anvil blade to a snip in seconds. This eliminates the need to have multiple loppers or pruners just for different blade requirements. The Tool-Less Blade Change technology also makes sharpening and clean up a simple process.

Product Design

These new gardening tools again demonstrate what makes Acme United grow and prosper: product innovation and attention to customer needs. Acme United doesn’t necessarily invent new tools, after all shears, knives, snips etc., have been around for hundreds of years. They simply improve, almost re-invent, existing products, by working with new materials or adding new user-friendly features.

And that’s what we’re looking for. Products that are specifically equipped for our needs and that make our lives more comfortable. When I want to do some craft work, I prefer to use non-stick scissors because the glue doesn’t stick to my blades. When I want to do some gardening and I have to go buy new pruners, I’ll prefer the ones with Shoc resistant grips because my hands won’t hurt afterwards. And if the blades are titanium-bonded non-stick so they stay sharper longer, even better.


After the Shot Show, earlier this year, where ACU showed their new eye-catching Camillus knives, the National Hardware Show was again very encouraging for the Company. They presented the new gardening tools to a number of big retail and hardware chains and we’re convinced the tools will be on the shelves of major retailers for the 2011 lawn & garden season.

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