Captures the Mood at ZBB Energy in a New Interview

Mr. Eric Apfelbach

Mr. Eric Apfelbach, President and CEO of ZBB Energy Corporation

About a year ago, we introduced you to ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB – $1.01), a Company that develops and manufactures smart electrical power management systems and flow battery solutions. We’ve just concluded our second interview with ZBB’s President and CEO, Mr. Eric Apfelbach. He joins us to talk about the Company’s product development, recent events, and the outlook for the near future.

ZBB’s upcoming product release is highlighted, along with its strategic acquisition of Tier Electronics. As ZBB is experiencing notable growth, Mr. Apfelbach tells us how the Company is handling the high pressure and increased demands it faces –and how it will work through even greater demand in the future.

Find out why the CEO thinks ZBB has done so well raising capital. Get the inside scoop on the Company’s record $6 million backlog –one Mr. Apfelbach believes will continue to grow– and learn why it was rewarded a $14.35 million tax credit.

Our interview helps put listeners in touch with ZBB’s core vision and sense of purpose, explaining the Company’s role within a smart energy market that is exploding not only nationally, but in many developed and developing nations around the world. Intriguing answers and great investment information awaits in this interview.

Hit the play button below to listen to the interview or download your copy of the transcript.


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