Never Heard of Boron? Yet You Use It Every Day

We’re very pleased to welcome Mr. Tim Daniels, the President and CEO of Erin Ventures Inc (CA:EV – $0.08 & US:ERVFF – $0.06 & GER:EKV1 – €0.05) as our guest today. Erin Ventures is a Canadian based mineral exploration company with boron assets in the country of Serbia.

A substantial portion of the interview is devoted to boron. Listeners find out that boron is used in dozens of daily products and without the mineral, life as we know it today would in fact look quite different (see infographic below).

Mr. Daniels also provides details about the two major suppliers of boron and the fact that the use of the product is expected to significantly increase in the coming years. Basically creating a perfect opportunity for a new participant like Erin Ventures to enter the market with its 100% owned Piskanja deposit.

The CEO furthermore gives us plenty of critical information on the mineral resource of the project, and explains that there’s room to expand the current resource in multiple directions.

Moreover, Mr. Daniels talks about the very attractive 43-101 compliant Preliminary Economic Assessment for Piskanja, as well as the second to none infrastructure of the project.

Access our interview by clicking the play button on the media player below.

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Infographic boron

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