Interview Details How EuroSite Power is Winning in On-Site Utility Market

A few months ago we introduced EuroSite Power Inc (EUSP – $1.00), a very interesting on-site utility provider that generates electricity, heat, hot water and cooling for the UK market. Because the Company keeps making strong progress and is getting closer to being cash flow positive, we figured it was an excellent time to conduct an interview. So we invited Mr. John N. Hatsopoulos, the Chairman of the Board and Mr. Paul Hamblyn, the Managing Director of EuroSite Power.

Mr. Hatsopoulos gives plenty of valuable information about the history and the activities of EuroSite, while Mr. Hamblyn explains the Company’s business model in more detail on the basis of a recently announced agreement.

A roundup of the improved first quarter financials is also included, as well as a thorough explanation of the Enhanced Capital Allowances that EuroSite receives from the UK government. In addition, the Chairman shares if he foresees the need to raise money in 2015.

The fact that EuroSite is on the brink of becoming cash flow positive receives plenty of attention, and we also find out how the Company was able to significantly improve its operating margins the past few months.

The interview digs deeper into the Combined Heat and Power market in the UK and unveils more details about the Company’s expansion plans to mainland Europe.

This interview helps any investor to become more familiar with EuroSite Power and its exciting prospects.

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