Fandom Teams with Intellect Dynamics to Deploy AI and Neural Networks on its Esports Platforms

Fandom Sports Media (CA:FDM – $0.40 & US:FDMSF – $0.31 & GER:TQ43 – €0.27) has taken another major step forward in its plan to offer a superior Esports user experience on its platforms this week. It signed a letter of intent to team up with Intellect Dynamics, an award winning Canadian firm specializing in the development of technology solutions and services. Intellect Dynamics focuses on real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, business process automation and decision support through its DataBioniX™ platform. Investors should be excited to guess where this is headed and what this means for Fandom.

If Fandom wants to build a desirable, feature-rich and user-friendly platform, it’s going to need to find an efficient way to collect, store, process and analyze the millions of pieces of data that will be generated through user interactions and processing of Esports events. Teaming with Intellect Dynamics appears to be the right way to do just that.

The DataBioniX™ platform organizes unmanageable data collections from disparate sources into proprietary associative neural networks. These networks generate new and useful knowledge as the data ultimately processes itself. The platform has already been tested in industries such as enterprise health care, where the neural network has yielded positive outcomes across tens of thousands of patient interactions. Fandom’s platforms can benefit in similar ways as users interact with each other while making fun or real money bets.

CEO David Vinokurov said this about the budding new partnership, recognizing an opportunity to outshine rival platforms in a highly competitive Esports gaming industry, “As the Company continues to evaluate and integrate numerous in-game content and data feed providers, it has become evident that there is a glaring hole in the competitive landscape. The differentiation between suppliers, specifically in wagering vertical, though not limited to it, is minute and unmistakeable. The extraordinarily dynamic DataBioniXTM platform powering the Fandom Esports platform’s proprietary prediction model will support Fandom Sports in creating the most robust user experience on the market. The partnership with DataBioniXTM will facilitate the permeation of Fandom Sports into new facets of the global Esports ecosystem not originally envisioned.”

The CEO of Intellect Dynamics, Christian Gravel, is also confident and excited about the partnership’s potential to result in a leading Esports service offering, “Together Fandom Sports and Intellect Dynamics will revolutionize the way that data is interacted with and aggregated across the entire gaming industry in both all ages and pure wagering verticals. The firms are working towards a definitive agreement which will outline the scope and breadth of the pending partnership”.

Fandom Remains A Cheap Speculative Investment In A Budding Esports Industry

FDM has been bouncing around the $0.35 to $0.45 mark on the Canadian Securities Exchange over the last few weeks. This volatility is a function of investors placing their bets ahead of the impending all-ages platform launch and approval of the Curacao gaming license application along with the steady news flow of partnerships and Esports veterans being added to the Advisory Board. As Fandom has had a very strong stock price performance thus far in 2020 – up over 300% since April – it’s understandable that there are sellers taking some profits off the table, while new investors move in to buy.

What we can say is based on the news, in particular the partnerships like the one announced this week, the strong Advisory Board and the multiple positive catalysts to come, Fandom makes a very good speculative investment for those risk tolerant investors looking to get in at the ground floor of a highly prospective Esports opportunity. At $0.40, it has a $13 million market cap. This low valuation compared to the aggressive steps it has taken to build multiple Esports platforms is why we have a target that implies over 3x upside at these prices. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $1.26Latest Company Report (pdf)
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