Fandom Sports Signs LOI With Major Esports News Organization

After having recently initiated coverage on Fandom Sports Media (CA:FDM – $0.46 & US:FDMSF – $0.34 & GER:TQ43 – €0.29), we are pleased to be writing once again about another important business development. The Company signed a Letter of Intent with Esportz Entertainment Corp, Esportz Network, a California based online Esports news, and entertainment network. The intriguing part of Fandom’s business plan is that it’s ubiquitous. The Company is not trying to compete with other Esports platforms. Instead, it is trying to team up with them in order to enhance revenue streams for all parties involved. We think that with a quickly growing Esports pie, this is the right way to approach business. There will be no shortage of revenue opportunities to go around.

The LOI displays the open-mindedness of Fandom’s management team. Not much detail was given as to what exactly this LOI will entail. The two parties will be assessing synergies for potential collaboration and/or a joint venture. As in other words, it sounds like an open dialog and exploratory relationship based on what each party brings to the table. We will be watching this situation closely for potential updates once Fandom’s all ages platform is established.

The LOI Brings Added Credibility To Fandom

Fandom is a startup company and its app is in Beta testing. So this LOI and potential partnership is less about business development in July 2020 and more about sowing the seeds of Fandom’s credibility as a serious market player. Esportz Network is one of the largest dedicated Esports news organizations. It has over 90 freelance reporters providing global coverage for a wide variety of Esports titles. Its partnership with Reuters Connect enables Reuters News Agency customers to have access to Esportz Network’s professional coverage of these events.

These initiatives have certainly helped bring it to the spotlight as its website,, has seen a steady uptrend in views. Readership is particularly strong in the United States where Esports is not quite as prevalent as it is in Asia, yet, and has tremendous upside growth potential.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of sporting and other spectator events, Esportz Network has been adeptly positioned to take advantage of this quarantine-friendly profession and hobby.

Another important point to not overlook is how highly regarded Fandom appears to be in the eyes of Esportz Network. Its CEO Mark Thimmig stated, “The opportunity to develop a strategic relationship with Fandom Sports, working closely with David Vinokurov and his team as they introduce industry-leading gaming and betting technology, is exactly the type of collaboration that’s indicative of our two innovative brands as we broaden our reach contributing to the enormous and ongoing growth of global Esports.”

It’s easy for people who want the stock to do well to say nice things about Fandom’s management team. It’s much harder for that management team to prove itself to other industry professionals so that they say nice things about them as well. Fandom has yet again shown investors that industry players are intrigued by Fandom’s technology, business plan and people. In our previous article and research report we mentioned several industry heavyweights who have joined the Advisory Board. They only joined because they believe in Fandom’s vision as well.


FDM is trading at $0.45 on the Canadian Securities Exchange in Canada, a CAD$14 million market cap. We think that this level is an ideal one for risk tolerant investors who want to get in at the ground floor of a compelling Esports business model. We have a target that implies an approximate 3x upside at these prices. But of course upon further evidence of execution, the upside is significantly higher. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY. Advice: BuyPrice Target: $1.26Latest Company Report (pdf)
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