Ever More U.S. Bus Owners Choose Gatekeeper Systems For Its Superior Technology

It’s wonderful to see how Gatekeeper Systems (CA:GSI – $0.46 & US:GKPRF – $0.34 & GER:1GK – €0.30) reports one new contract after another. This week, the provider of intelligent video solutions for public transport and smart cities, announced that it had completed upgrading 53 school buses in Marion County, West Virginia with its latest video systems.

Despite the fact that a few states and several school districts in the U.S. require seat belts for school buses, the usage is minimal across the nation. However, high back seats are becoming increasingly popular as they stop passengers from flying forward when an accident or emergency stop situation occurs.

The disadvantage of these high seats is that they prevent traditional onboard video systems to adequately capture passengers. Gatekeeper’s high-definition wide angle dome cameras however, are designed to overcome the visibility challenges of these types of seats. The cameras are mounted on the top roof line and provide maximized coverage of a bus interior. Marion County, replaced its obsolete cameras with new Gatekeeper digital video recorders as well as interior and exterior cameras.

Doug Dyment, CEO of Gatekeeper said, “Comprehensive video recording and video analytics is quickly becoming a requirement to satisfy the safety standards of many school districts. As a result, many of our valued customers are now upgrading their video solutions to embrace newer technology such as high-definition, wide angle view, and video analytics.”

Buses with high back seats are more convenient and safer, but require specialized cameras to fully capture the passengers. Gatekeeper’s wide angle 160° camera resolves this issue.

School Bus Safety

The use of video on school buses is growing rapidly and Gatekeeper has significant experience in supplying cameras for school bus safety. Gatekeeper’s digital video solutions record everything on and around a bus so that the safety of children is ensured. Seeing everything means that violators can be held accountable, liability claims are resolved quickly, and buses are protected from misuse and vandalism.

Gatekeeper’s G-Series Digital Video Recorders, for example, support up to 16 cameras and deliver dynamic, real-time video to give maximum coverage of school buses. G4 Viewer software provides visibility both inside and outside of the bus, with the option of tracking routes, live streaming video, and wirelessly downloading footage. In addition, the G4 Vision software is equipped with GPS mapping, to make finding incidents and tracking a bus easy. Simply click the map where an incident occurred to view the footage from that specific vehicle at that specific GPS location within seconds.

The S-Series Cameras offer the highest resolution in the industry and feature infrared technology for precision viewing in any light, even no light. These vandal-proof cameras also include a microphone for clear audio recordings.

Moreover, the Student Protector License Plate Reader captures high quality images of the violator’s license plate, even at high speeds, and enables tickets to be issued without driver intervention. It’s a powerful tool to reduce violations and accidents and is a source of revenue.


As we already mentioned last week, Gatekeeper is getting more traction in different regions in the United States. This latest deal in West Virginia, again shows that the Company is becoming a true intelligent video solutions provider across North America.

While, Gatekeeper keeps raking in more deals, its stock price hit another all-time high this week at C$0.48. Up from last week’s record of C$0.46. This again shows two things. First, no matter what times we’re in, there are always companies that excel thanks to their excellent technology, and sales savvy management team. Second, no matter what times we’re in, investors will recognize those companies and push the share price higher.

We understand that Gatekeeper’s third quarter financials for the three months ended May 31, 2020 may be published sooner than late July. We have a feeling this may be another catalyst for a share price increase. Smallcaps Recommendation: BUY.

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