Chanticleer Holdings CEO Mike Pruitt Provides Details on Impressive Growth Strategy

Chanticleer Holdings (HOTR – $2.81) owns, operates and franchises fast casual restaurants in the United States and abroad. Several events have recently taken place that give us reason to believe that the Company is on the verge of solid growth. So we’re very pleased to sit down with Mr. Mike Pruitt, the Chairman and CEO of Chanticleer, to answer all our questions.

A substantial portion of the interview is devoted to the Company’s impressive growth plans as it wants to double its number of restaurants by 2020. Mr. Pruitt provides details on how he aims to increase both the number of Company owned restaurants as well as franchised units.

The interview also digs deeper into Chanticleer’s five different restaurant brands. The CEO provides us with plenty of critical information about the brands and explains his growth strategy for them.

In addition, Mr. Pruitt describes the one-time events that led to somewhat soft sales in the first quarter ended March 31, 2017, and he reveals interesting facts about the second quarter that ended only a few days ago.

He also touches upon the recent six million dollar private placement, which showed a strong commitment of several large shareholders of Chanticleer. He informs us how that financing considerably strengthened the Company.

Finally, Mr. Pruitt shares why he feels that Chanticleer is significantly undervalued compared with its peers.

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